Roland SE-02


Has anyone tested the new sync settings? As in, is it now possible to just set MIDI sync input only one time and then all the sequences will honour that global assignment? I installed 1.10 already but haven’t yet had the time to test this.


wow… just found out about this synth. And the fact that the boutiques are limited edition activates my GAS.

Do you think the price will go up when they‘re not in stock anymore?


is the digitone a good sequencer for the SE02?
I’d like to be able to p-lock all the parameters of the se02, including delay and xmod.



Looking forward to seeing the UK price & availability. I’m really after one of these.


yeh, gunna get mine one as well! that HPF and drive will be nice additions methinks


I ordered one today and some of those wood sides for the Se-02.


This has so far only really happened for the Juno 106 Boutique, the others are sold well second hand, but not for more than they where new.


I’m happy with mine.