Roland SE-02


What I really want to see is an analog polysynth in the Boutique format. A mini analog Juno 106 would be amazing.

An analog drum machine done by Roland and SE could also be awesome.


Yeah, I don’t know why Roland doesn’t want to do an analog reissue of their own Juno or Jupiter polysynths. Maybe all their engineers from that era are dead or refuse to come out of retirement.

Korg was able to reissue the MS-20 because they coaxed one of the original MS-20 engineers out of retirement, with the side benefit of his mentoring of Tats Takahashi.

I was surprised that Roland let Cyclone Analogic get away with cloning the 606 and CR-78 drum machines. Maybe they just gave up after seeing all the 808 clones out there.


Now that is ridiculous


Updated firmware is out. I think this means the long awaited editor is coming very soon as well!

Update history
[ Ver.1.10 ] MAY 2018
Additional Functions
Please refer to the " SE-02 Update " for detailed information in the [ Owner’s Manuals ].

  • Bank D added
  • Tie added to gate input values
  • Clearing a patch, pattern or song
  • Entering notes from a K-25m or an external MIDI device
  • Recording a pattern in real time
  • Parameters added to patch mode PATCH SETUP
  • Parameters added to song mode SONG SETUP
  • Parameters added to System Settings (System Setup)


I’m so stoked about that! Thanks for the update.


Is this it? Thought it would be free, but whatever:


Interesting… I thought it was free too. Roland originally had language on their site that certainly made it seem as such. I can only find it on the AU site now.

“DAW-integrated SE-02 Sound Editor software (coming Fall 2017)”

$5 isn’t the earth ending, but I’m pretty bummed about it being a standalone app only. I thought it might be something like the Virus TI where you get a VST version controlling the synth. That would have been a lot cooler IMO. Yeah, I can save patches on board easy enough, but I envisioned something that would save patches with the plugin.

I’ll probably buy it, but I’m not nearly as interested now.


Yeah, it looks like it’s $13 for the full version. Standalone is fine for me since I’m almost mostly a hardware guy (even recording on a multitrack), but I can see how this would limit things for many people. The notes do say DAW integration is coming later this year.


Yeah, can deal with five bucks, especially when it’s SE doing the development work, and at least AU/VSTi are scheduled to come later. Standalone will do me for now as mainly I’ve been wanting it as a librarian - naming and organising patches. I do that on the System-1 quite a lot and it’s really useful.


here’s the Midi Implementation chart … not exactly sure what it all means, just tried enabling some Midi CC dials on the OT and tweaking them does change parameters on the se02.

could be interesting assigning Low Frequency Midi oscillators to parameters, or doing P-Locks.

haven’t actually tried the se02 sequencer as of yet… single P-Locks are available on that so it could be fun. maybe use Song Mode to do pattern chaining to escape the single bar length limitation.


I generally sequence my external synths from my Monomachine, and yeah, midi CC stuff can be a big part of that, with p-locks and LFOs on parameters, program changes, longer sequences with song mode, etc., etc. That’s always been part of the fun with the Elektron boxes that have midi sequencers.

If I was someone that usually sequenced/automated external stuff from my DAW I’d be really wanting the plugin though.


right now i’m finding the main super-useful p-lock from OT to se02 is in fact the main volume on individual notes.

easy to access, it’s the 1st CC (titled “CC1”) on the OT midi, already set to CC7. These need to be function-clicked in order for them to be “on” and p-lockable.

notes that are in a higher register to the rest of a riff sometimes sound overly loud on the se02, so instead of hoping to rely on a compressor to later pull them back into line, it’s completely easy to p-lock the volume for one or two notes along the way. not very imaginative and yet quite useful.


Yeah, that’s sometimes a result of the filter resonance when you turn it up, right? Because the bottom end drops out, but you’re accentuating the cutoff frequency, it makes higher notes louder and lower ones quieter. Characteristic of the filter design.

Volume between different patches can vary a lot as well, depending on the gain staging you employ in the amp section, especially when you use the feedback knob to overdrive into the filter. It’s the nature of the beast. :slight_smile:


AFAIK CC#7 is the default parameter number for ”volume” in the general MIDI recommendation. Many MIDI devices listen to it. IIRC my MPC uses CC#7 for handling track volume automation in MIDI tracks by default.

Haven’t yet tested the new PWM LFO, but so far I’m loving the new sync modes, which do not seem to require a change upon switching pattns anymore!

Pretty sure I’ll be buying the breakout box when it becomes available. For the size, this thing is a monster, and unlike Boog D it has full recall :diddly:


ah yes, i forgot about the breakout box.
something for the 2018 shopping list i suppose.
more reason to get out and start gigging :sunglasses::v::open_hands::clap::lips::unicorn::snail::seedling::herb:


Yeah, I want the breakout box and some of those wood side panels. It’s too expensive to ship to Japan, so I’m planning to pick those up when I visit the US in September, hopefully the breakout box will be available by then.

I haven’t delved deeply enough into the SE-02. I’m planning to sell off all of my Volcas and a few other things to force me to just work with a few pieces of gear and explore their potentials more fully.


OK, I updated the SE02 to the latest firmware and bought the $13 version of the editor with the extra features.

While updating the firmware and setting up the editor isn’t intuitive, I had no problems by following all the instructions on Roland’s site and the SE-02 editor manual. The unfortunate thing is that even after buying the software, you have to email SE your product ID number to receive an authorization key, so, for the time being, I can only use very basic features.

My first impressions (positive and negative) are as follows:


  1. The process for setting everything up should be simplified.
  2. The manual is not the best.
  3. I don’t like the right-click menu system in the editor
  4. I never really liked the disconnect between patches, sequences, and songs on the SE-02. I was hoping the editor might make it easier to create sequences/songs, but I’m now thinking this may not be the case.


  1. While not intuitive, I didn’t hit any major snags. It looks like everything will work fine once I have the authorization key.
  2. Since the knobs on the SE-02 are obviously not motorized, it has been basically impossible to get a quick, clear idea of what all the settings were for each of the patches. With the editor you can now see where everything is set when you change to different patches. This alone is worth the price as it will aid in tweaking patches and help to quickly understand the programming. I love it.
  3. I think bank management is also going to be a great feature, but I can’t check it yet.
  4. I’m hopeful that the blend patch and random patch generators will help to quickly build patches that I never would have considered.

Edit: The authorization code came within a few hours, much sooner than I expected. Woo hoo.


Overview of the new features:

They didn’t mention in the video that they added “ties” to the sequencer, which some people on the Facebook group have said allows for 303-type lines. I haven’t tried them out yet myself.


love the sound vibe around the four minute time on the video.

cool news about the realtime record and also the play-one-note step-one-note mode.

keen to try out the not-mentioned “ties” feature, i remember thinking when first viewing promo’s, whoa this could masquerade as a 303 on steroids if required! especially now with the new feature as it kind of needs that to do that vibe.


They also added “loop” in song mode, which many people have been wanting.