Roland SE-02

studio electronics colab.
this sounds very good to me.


First analog synth in boutique form factor.

Sounds like a perfect buddy for an A4:
CV/GATE, Compact , Memory, Internal sequencer for synth parameters…
Plus, SE is very solid company for fat analog sounds.


Sounds nice in the vids. Whats the RRP? Wonder how well the sequencer p-locks have been implemented? Seems like the sequencer is a lot more serious/useful than other boutiques etc.
And the option to chain a few boxes for poly might be pretty tempting…

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499 usd


Wonder what that’ll translate to in today’s (un-)united kingdom…


Funny, I didn’t expect Roland to release a Minimoog clone.


£450 to £500 i guess…
£399 if we’re very lucky.

nice to see proper power input, midi in/outs , parameter locks on steps.

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£499 RRP surely.

Sounds nice but I can’t stand mini jacks!

Lol, what’s wrong with mini jacks? You can buy decent quality ones so it’s basically no different :wink: Guess maybe sliiiightly less sturdy maybe but never bothered me at all on my Ms20 mini or Op1…

I dunno ha ha! It’s one of those weird things that sets me off. My mpc live has a mini Jack for headphones. Annoys the hell out of me!

about fkn time.
roland - “SE have a long tradition of making analog synthesizers”… yea so did you ye fkn dopes.
sounds really good tho. hats off SE :slight_smile:


Haha, yeah I kind of get it :slight_smile: before my Ms20 and buying a decent cable it seemed like a kind of ‘toyish’ space/cost-cutting thing to use mini-jacks (volcas/ipads/monotron etc) but I don’t even notice it any more :slight_smile:

Hahaha. They’ve forgotten how to remember :confused: Shame they have to go outside to get things done but nice to see something from them that looks pretty spot on (without re-hashing their past) for a change. Now they should team up with their old selves and bring out a v-synth/SP hybrid groovebox/synth…

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beautiful sounding demos… looks dope!


absolutely. You can use the excellent sequencer on the A4 but then actually have a proper analogue synth engine that doesn’t sound like it’s being strained through a woollen sock.


[ runs away ] :grin:


Sounds really nice and vintage - kinda like a bit of sh2 and system 100 action.

You could get a lot of synth mileage with the system 1m, system 100 plug out, and the se2.

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I was looking at getting 0-coast but this might have stolen its spot.

Edit; I know they’re not same synthesis but presets and buttery bass…


its nice to have usb audio too …nice clean signal into ableton.
i think its a good box, interesting to see how it competes with recent £500 boxes.

i think the 0-coast is very different though… and its all mini jacks!.

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Still 2Gs for a 4 voice is more than an impulse buy. Lol

Idk, more like 200 is an impulse price for myself, that’s why I’ve avoided the 0-coast so far. I’m not buying either soon as I bought the DT and need to pace myself.

I guess the biggest reason I’m digging this box is because I really liked the sound, somehow reminds of my cs-1 or a vintage sh which I’ve always wished I could afford and justify use of space.