Roland SE-02


I just linked up my SE-02 with the SP-16 and I think it sounds good through the THRU input on the SP


Certainly looks like the SE-02 software lives, on Roland’s NAMM stand:


I want to see more of that breakout box!


Patch morphing with the software editor sounds like a lot of fun.

Yeah, looks like SE had the same idea as the rest of us. “This synth is great, but what it really needs is a really large filter cutoff knob”.

Also - blimey - just got to the bit where they point out the new PWM feature. That’s a big win for a lot of folks.


Yeah. I read on Facebook that Roland’s free official software editor (VST/standalone) will be coming soon. I’m so stoked to try that for creating sounds and sequences.

With the coming firmware upgrade, free editor, and that breakout box from SE, this thing is going to be even more of a beast! :heart_eyes:


External box looks awesome. Probably about $89 and coming in a few months. I love that SE is addressing issues people complained about (stepping on the filter, minijack connections, etc) and making the synth even more badass by adding a high pass filter and more gain. :heart_eyes:


The SE-02 doesn’t need any more gain :slight_smile:

It’s a very big synth in a tiny box


The guy from SE specifically mentions plugging in a guitar through the 1/4 inch jack for external processing. I can’t wait to try that.


Just watched the video. Wow! The overdrive sounds great. But still. How much bigger can you go with the SE-02!?!? Wow


I know, right?! It’s already a total beast. So happy that Roland and SE are giving it so much love. I can’t wait for the standalone editor for creating patches and sequences. That will speed up the workflow.


That’s a cool little box and honestly pretty surprised (and happy) it’s under $100. I know they need to make their money, but SE is a boutique outfit and I was expecting it would cost near 2x that. Glad to see they’re keeping it reasonable. Not sure it’s something I’ll run out and get right away, but I’ll watch it for sure.


Another look at the “Ex(t) Box”. I think I want some of those wood ends as well. :thinking:


ARP2600 inspired mock up but with the Roland/SE partnership continuing the sky’s the limit.


talk about a tight interface!


Woah. Where did that come from?!


Photoshop from the looks of it :see_no_evil:


Nice add-on in the SE-02 EX Box! The gain thing is a nice, but the 1/4" jacks, hipass filter, bypassing the stepping problem, and bigger knobs in general would be the bigger attractions.


Likely source of that pic - “I propose…” he says… He can propose all he wants but I think Korg might have first dibs on a 2600 reissue as they did the Odyssey already.


That didn’t stop Roland and Behringer (or Studio Electronics) from doing Moog-style synths and SE already makes an ARP filter:


True, but the source of that photo is a wishful thinking article rather than real news.

Would be interested in seeing a continuation of the Boutique Designer series though. It’d be a shame if it stops with the SE-20