Roland SE-02


I am using some spare elektron encoders with my SE-02 (as cutoff etc replacements). They seem to be standard D-shafts so knob replacement is as easy as can be.

The semingly coarse fine pitch controls are starting to really piss me off though with this one. I can hardly detune the oscs before they go too far and start to sound off key…


or just go with IKEA Elektron stand hacks :wink:


I don’t know if anyone has posted this, but I just bought it. Won’t have a chance to try it out for a day or two though. Totally willing to take a chance for 6 euro!


Let us know how you like it. I’ve also been thinking about it but am still waiting for the ”official” SE-02 editor to ship…


I talked with Roland stuff of SE02 division.
The answer was they do NOT release the OFFICIAL editor.


yeah but I thought SE will be doing the editor, not Roland?


SE is ?
They are hardware engineers. not software…
since I got my SE 02, it’s interesting and sounds good as 3 oscillators analog synth with various modulations.
Sequencer can be used simulteniously with midi input.
So if you use it with external note controller, the sequencer of SE02 itself can be something else with its sound.


I only seq my SE-02 with A4 CV signals or my MPC live, I’ve never used the int seq yet.


I will check how SE02 works with another note controller.
because SE02’s sequencer has Plock. Only one parameter though.


Will do. It’s not critical for me either way, but I like this mainly for the idea of saving patches within that song.

It’ll take a day or two for me to look at it, but I will. At least this creator looks to have experience with most if not all the other Boutique devices with similar editors, so that’s promising.


I’m curious why people want an editor for a synth covered in knobs. Seems antithetical to why you’d want a hardware synth to begin with.


I’d say mainly for more flexibility in recall and parameter automation.

By your logic overbridge wouldn’t make sense either yet many people claim to be able to edit their elektron analogs better/easier with one (I dont but mileages always wary so…)


If you only use Overbridge as an editor, yes that would be correct.

In this instance it seems redundant to duplicate an interface where you can access all parameters via knobs (pretty much 1:1 functionality) and reduce the interaction to mouse clicks. It sort of implies that you’ll never really need to touch the device after it’s been set up, and makes me wonder why a VST synth wouldn’t have been a better choice in the first place.


Some people choose vst, some choose hardware, some choose hardware that can be controlled by vst…
It can be used either way to suit different peoples needs…
It’s analog as well, that matters to some people whether it’s in universal agreement or not, and to control analog by vst is different and desirable to some…
It doesn’t have a keyboard either, which lends it to be controlled by something, and many people use daws for that…
You can control it from you computer and other times just fire it up or take it with you…
It’s not something I’m particularly interested and don’t approach my gear in that way, but I can see why people would like it…


Good points. I guess it’s most appealing from an automation mapping standpoint. I never really use automations so I tend to forget about that aspect.


The number one reason I want an editor with any synth is to modulate the crap out of the VST with max4live lfo’s and the like in Ableton.
Unlimited modulation potential


Is there more control with that than by cc? Smoother resoultution or something? Just easier to map?


No the same, just so much easier seeing the parameters in a plugin rather than working out cc numbers via manual etc.
Much easier workflow imo


Yep exactly. Everything already pre mapped in the plugin


New SE-02 course available. Good for beginners that want an overview of what everything on the machine does. I hope they do a follow-up course that goes into sound design on the SE-02.