Roland SE-02


Anyone using one with the Digitakt? How do you like sequencing it from the Digitakt?

I’ve never been a synth person so I’m thinking that this could be a good choice for me to explore synthesis, particularly since I already have a decent keyboard and sequencer I could pair it with (Yamaha Reface CP and Digitakt), and space is a real premium for me.


I’d buy it at an instant if it was properly sized. It does sound awesome indeed, but I don’t want to mess with these cramped and tiny knobs. Ordered a Behringer D instead.


I use mine with the digitakt, works flawlessley.

The synth is a beast with a wide variety of sounds.

Trig locks with aftertouch and modulation sounds great.


Excellent. I’ve been watching videos and listening to sound clips all morning. Digitakt integration was really the last key point I needed to confirm. So stoked this thing exists!


One of my favorite Minimoog tunes of all time. Marc Moulin. Straight outta Beligium, 1973.


Yeah check my SE-02 on the go :blush:


Sounds fantastic!


I don’t have a lot of experience programming synths, so sorry if this is a stupid question, but do you think the SE-02 could do something similar to the ARP 2600 lead sound in this Kool & the Gang tune? (Skip to 2:09).

Edit: I’ve read that any 70s style monosynth with glide should be able to get close. Not sure if this is indeed the case, but I’m guessing (hoping) that would mean the SE-02 can get in the ballpark.


It is one of the sounds i wanted to do myself, I was never able to do it on my minimoog but came close on my karp odessey…also have a ttsh 2600 but havent plugged it in yet.


Thanks so much for chiming in! I appreciate your input. That’s a bit of a bummer, but I think I’m going to take the plunge anyway. There is so much else to like, especially at the price point. Plus, the synth’s biggest criticism (its small footprint) is a huge bonus for me.

Blow Your Head (JBs) was apparently done on a Minimoog and that’s another of my all time favorite synth sounds. If I can get even in the ballpark of either these iconic sounds I’ll be thrilled.


Good luck with that, listen to this clip


Cool, I’m at work now, but will check it out later! Again, I’m just looking for ballpark.

Here’s a bit of info on it from Fred Wesley:


You are gonna love the SE 02, i would buy it if i didnt have a mini moog


Has anyone tried to remove the knobs and put taller ones on? Are they a standard shaft diameter & height? Seems like theyre a bit short to me


Lovely. Those sounds toward the end are really close to Blow Your Head. Love it.


Ordered! Should be here tomorrow or the next day. Loads of shops here in Tokyo are sold out. I guess they must be selling well.


The SE-02 arrived tonight. Loving it so far. It looks, feels, and sounds fantastic and I have barely scratched the surface.

Question: I’m trying to keep a really small setup so I’m using my Yamaha Reface CP as a keyboard controller, but I’m really wishing I had a modwheel!

Is there an inexpensive modwheel I can add somehow via midi to use along with the Reface CP keyboard or perhaps a footswitch controller. I’m looking for a reasonably priced option.

Sorry, midi is not my strong point, so I’m not sure of my options.

I do see that “Control Wheel” is listed as cc#13. I’m guessing I could midi the SE-02 up to my Digitakt and assign some parameters such as the control wheel to the knobs and use the DT as a controller. Perhaps something to experiment with this weekend.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.


I love the “designer” boutique collaboration idea. Can you imagine a Roland collaboration with someone from Ensoniq doing an updated ASR-10, or parnership with Emu for an updated SP-1200, or a one-time partnership with Roger Linn going into lo-fi MPC-60 territory.


I can, now, and I’m loving it.


I see Pete Brown is doing a new front panel interface on the SE-02 with a Roland A-500 Pro keyboard controller.
Looks pretty nice!