Roland SE-02


Does anyone know how on earth do you make SE 02 to send audio via usb to ableton. What exact driver do you have to download? Thanks everyone!



On Windows 10 it downloads automatically through windows update


Yes, it downloads and installs itself automatically, but maybe there is some trick in ableton because I still cannot get audio into ableton with usb. Do you do it through external instrument?


Just buy one, wait for it


What a pity that midi sync clock and USB/MIDI clock is per pattern and not a global setting!!!



That’s a pretty silly design decision, ooft



yesterday I ordered my one.
If I knew this I must be stopped to continue clicking web.
Hope the firmware update by user request… plz Roland…


I hope so


I use my SE02 without the int seq, its perfect for sequencing with my A4 CV’s, even gets me pst the steppy cutoff ctrl

Are you absolutely sure about MIDI sync being a per-preset setting though?


Yes it seems per sequence not global, but i hope not

from Roland manual :


Specifies the output destination of the step sequencer. Int: Internal
E=t: External Device
bot: Both internal and external device

Specifies the clock to which the sequencer is synchronized. Int: Internal
n id: MIDI IN
trg: Trigger In

To save the edited settings, perform the Pattern Write operation.


Ahh, so its per sequence, not per preset. That is a very weird idea from the devs. There should be a global bypass for this for sure, like an extra global setting ”clock settings: INT / EXT(USB) / EXT(MIDI) / AS SEQ” where the default is ”AS SEQ” to preserve the legacy behaviour, in case someone has already gotten used to this messy way to config syncs.

How to send feedback to Roland though?


Roland puzzle me, they make decent gear and then completely miss the point when it comes to linking up and playing with other stuff, Its like no one in the design team really understands the potential of their ideas. theres allways something missing that takes it from great to annoying and most of the time its not unachievable or inefficient cost wise.


I’ll have to open and save the 128 sequences to set it to external!!!


Hm, well, to be fair, I still to this day cannot backup the samples from my rytm :joy: so its not liek everyone else is perfect in this either… Lets just hope Roland fixes this before they move on.


Yes, that’s not too onerous in the scheme of things but it would be a real pain if you regularly changed from DIN MIDI to USB MIDI for example. There should really be a global override.

To be fair I think they have suggested there could be a firmware update for the SE-02 at some point, Roland do usually manage to fix obvious flaws (like the limited patch memory on the System-1 and midi CCs on the original boutiques). But eg the lack of pattern switching via midi on the TR-8 has never been addressed.


It actually does do this. Though the original value doesn’t need to be exactly the same, it seems to count if it’s “near enough”.


I actually didn’t know there was supposed to be companion software coming… Would very much like there to be, even just basic exporting / managing patches.


I was just thinking about this myself last night wondering when it might be released. SE is clearly a hardware company (a very small shop at that) and not software developers, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense they’d be responsible for that piece?

While they’ve scrubbed it from the Global website it still shows up on the AU site: "DAW-integrated SE-02 Sound Editor software (coming Fall 2017)

While having a software editor included wasn’t really all that much of a purchasing factor, I’ll be a little miffed if they’ve axed it and disavow any responsibility. That’s just not cool at all since it was a stated feature and not just a rumor or wishlist item. If that’s really the case, then I’d imagine someone 3rd party (especially the ipad guys) will make an editor to fill in the void.


Just receive mine

OMG. the sound!!!

not really enjoy the sequencer and the small knobs, but this sound is fucking awesome!!!