Roland Aira EFX modules


Do you mean as a USB audio interface? I haven’t tried it like that yet, so far I’ve only been using it into my (analogue) mixer.

I guess it would have to show as two input channels? For me in Logic I would set those up on two separate mono inserts if I didn’t want it as a stereo pair. If that’s possible. I just rarely do that sort of thing, I use a Focusrite Saffire that has its own mix control application that lets me pan / pair / do all sorts of stuff to all the various ins and outs. I guess you would have to create an aggregate device maybe?



so i bit the bullet at picked all 4 up from proaudiostar for a steal. litterally. all 4 together cost me $646 - basically half price of normal retail.


Oh wow, these articles are perfect! I didn’t even think to check Roland’s site for info LOL. Thanks!


I’m usually not very hopeful when looking for proper documentation or anything on the Roland site, haha. But those seemed surprisingly helpful!


How are you owners liking these?

I can get either the Torcido or Bitraizer at a good price locally

I think I am going to give one of them a go


I’m curious too! Seeing one one clearance in my neighbourhood (Torcido).

Has anyone tried this on drum machine? I’m thinking of using it for stereo distortion and filter… would definitely be cheaper than the AH or Acidbox. If it’s complete crap then obviously not, but if it’s decent… Particularly interested in the character of the distortion, and whether it’s a hassle to convert to/from 1/4" inputs/outputs.


I have the Torcido and the Bitrazer, those are always the cheapest as the Demora delay and the Scooper are apparently much more popular (especially the Demora, I see it in a lot of eurorack systems).

I have the Torcido on my drum machines, permanently. It works really well. You can dial a bit of warmth in or totally crunch the signal. I’ve never felt it sounded “digital” or harsh. I mostly use the Bitrazer as an audio interface at the moment (to get an analogue signal into one of the USB inputs on my MX-1) but I have experimented with it as a filter unit, chorus, etc.

The build quality is really good and the reprogrammability is awesome. You can even turn them into CV/gate-controlled monosynths quite easily:

For £150 or less I would highly recommend picking one up. I’m considering getting another Torcido before they disappear, I find it really useful.

You need quarter inch to minijack TS cables but otherwise it’s no issue routing normal line level gear into it.


:+1:Nice I think I am going to cop myself the Torcido, they are like less than half the original price


I have all 4 of them, got them in one of these racks all 4 fit perfect :ok_hand:


got 2 bitrazer and one torcido. Bitrazers give me extra analog inputs on my MX1 as they act like usb audio interface connecting to mx1 usb (aira) ports. The torcido have been reprogrammed as a mini mono synth (osc, amp, env, 2 filters) and connected to a novation mono station that plays/sequences/ torcido synth…


I’m surprised Roland discontinued these as on paper they sound amazing. A reprogrammable fx unit that also works with modular and a usb audio device. Always been interested in one


I use them with Reaktor - can route cv io to blocks.

Internally they pack a lot more power than they need to do what they do. Pity Roland didn’t seek to exploit them more and release further soft modules or extend the number that can be used at once.


Yeah, I agree. Roland get some stick for making lots of reissues, and “boring” digital synths, etc, but these are actually really interesting, modern, powerful, high quality bits of kit and they seem to be being passed over.

I suspect they maybe get pigeonholed as eurorack modules, and/or many people don’t realise how flexible they are.

This is some advanced-level Demora reprogramming:

Also the end of this one…


I love the Scooper myself…
They are defo underrated modules, the editor is easy to use and now the Scooper has an overdub function so you can use it as a straight up looper too.
Of course the real fun is molesting what you’ve captured.
This vid blew me away the first time I saw it, the fact you can build a kick and snare and then program a beat only to still have the scooper function to destroy and remix itself!


Yes they work great with the MX-1 don’t they? For that rack that I use I found some right angle USB cables that don’t protrude above the rack top rail, then all 4 go into the Aira link USB ports on the MX-1. Want an extra eq, compressor, filter or what have you, blam patch it up using the app, and it really adds a lot of extra functionality to the MX-1, the sound quality on these is superb too, the demora in particular is one of the nicest sounding delay units I have ever used.


Still recommend them even if you don’t use modular, eurorack or an mx1?

Was thinking of getting one to use with digitakt as an fx running signal out and sampling back into digitakt


this was a quick think with the torcido , i think it did a nice noisy distortion.

cant remember what the patch was , but its a 303 replica into torcido.

i havent got bitrazer , i have a oto biscuit and other things that can do bit reduction/sample rate reduction.


I think it was the power needed to run these modules that was the flaw that didn’t make them popular.
Saw a lot of folk in online Eurorack land complaining about how much power they needed which maybe put people off getting them cos yes on paper they are pretty epic and they are great fun to play with - I got a play on them from a Roland demo guy.


With 220v or 110v mains coming into your rack case (possibly to your power board anyway) it isn’t difficult to take a line to power the small wall warts inside the case too and power them that way. If you know what you are doing with fuses and insulation and if you have ‘standard’ case depth.
That’s how I avoided sucking up any of my 12v power supply.


I definitely can’t believe they killed them off so fast.