Roland Aira EFX modules


They look interesting, so you could load any FX in one of the units ?

Why did you sell it ? Did they sound bad ? Or is it too much computer /usb work?

Roland Bitrazor £140 bargain brand new
Analog drive or Roland Torcido

Does anybody know if the WAV version of the saved patches will work when converted for loading on the RYTM? I know the patches are mono WAV, but wondering if the unit will accept them at the 48khz format that the RYTM uses. It would be cool to send patches changes on an empty track. Different patches per pattern, sample slot p-locks, conditional trigs… my mind is racing with cool possibilities! I’ve got a Bitrazer coming in the mail, so I plan to test… just wondering if anyone has tried!


I will have to test this but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work as long as the overall pitch/speed is retained. Pretty sure it would work off a cassette as in the days of the ZX Spectrum. :nerd:


Thanks I hope it works! Will open up amazing possibilities for my live set if so!


Thanks for the new thread @PeterHanes. I was thinking of starting one about the Aira FX modules because I’m a really big fan of them, especially at the super cheap prices you can get the less popular ones (read: Torcido and Bitrazer) for now. Maybe we can have a patch swapshop?

I need to do some housekeeping and testing with the patches I’ve been making in the customiser app but for example I’ve been playing with building a combined chorus and filter to put my DX7 through. Also a stereo chorus. And a noise gate > tube drive > filter > compressor chain.

The default Torcido ‘tube’ distortion is really nice on drum machines though. I can’t turn it off anymore…


I’m surprised there aren’t any patch repositories out there… or maybe I’m not too surprised since these modules seem a bit overlooked. I’m really excited for my Bitrazer! Question on the dual mono I/O… can that act as 2 channels effectively? I’d like to have an effect or synth on 1 channel and a simple gate divider on the other. I’ve patched it up in the customizer (even though I don’t have the module yet lol) and it seems like it will work. I’d love to be able to use channel “2” only to halve the gate from my Roland A01 and feed that into my Volca FM.


It will totally work (if you bypass the default internal processing), your only limit is room for the modules and the available griffers for what you need to control.

You can also make griffers control multiple parameters which can get interesting…


Woo hoo! I can’t wait to experiment!


You’re welcome. By complete coincidence, I just ordered a Torcido at the blow-out sale price.

Note that there is a separate topic for the Aira EFX Scooper module:

but all other Aira EFX posts can go here.


I may have missed this, but does this look like they are no longer continuing with the line, or are they just cheap now as that’s thie final market price?

I wasn’t aware you could do so much with them. Hmmm…interesting


I don’t know. I suspect they haven’t sold that well, apart from the Scooper/Demora. The Demora in particular seems to be popular with the Eurorack crowd as it’s a pretty flexible digital delay and obviously an affordable euro-compatible looper (the Scooper) I guess is relatively popular. But then how big is the eurorack market actually to a company like Roland?

My guess is they’re going to discontinue them and shops are selling off their remaining stock cheap. I’m a big fan of them, they sound great and they’re really well made. Nice knobs. :cheeky:


90% of the retailers here in the US still have them at their original MAP price of $299. My guess is some dealers bought in heavy, couldn’t sell them and are blowing them out.


I plan to make as many patches as possible to prep for the inevitable time when they discontinue support for the customizer and our laptops/ipads/tablets are too advanced to run the old software :confused:


Indeed. :frowning:


I wish they’d put some resources/tutorials up for the specific examples they tease at the end this vid, but the supplied presets are a really good starting point. Some crazy stuff going on.


Yeah they do look hefty and we’ll built.

I wonder if they will release more, mind you with all the options I’m hearing about, they probably don’t need to


Ahhh buying in volume. I guess as long as the consumer wins, who cares! :smile:


Yeah, I mean they’re light, the enclosure is plastic but the front panel is metal. It’s mostly that the knobs are lovely and smooth and don’t wobble.

This is a good practical demonstration of mucking about with them and seeing what happens. Obviously you can completely detach the default internal processing and just have it as a filterbank or whatever else you want.


I’m on the Scooper myself, bought it after using a Boss RC505 round a mate’s house. Saw potential, then found this and knew I needed it…

I know there is a Scooper thread but the editor ties us all together!

I’d buy the rest if they were cheap enough, like mini Nord G2s!


I could see them maybe releasing a “blank” module in a smaller format. I think that they probably didn’t get quite the reception from the Eurorack community that they thought. All of my friends that are into Euro say that these take up too much space and power.