Roland Aira EFX modules


I bought the Torcido and got it delivered just in time for the weekend

Really impressed by it especially the customizer and the sound of the filters

After some messing around it got me thinking…One thing I am trying to make out of the customizer is something like the Alligator effect out of Reason

If someone has got any ideas let me know… that would be great


Great to see this thread getting more play. I’m agonizing about getting just one more AIRA EFX unit on Presidents Day blowout at my local pro audio shop. They’re like crack - that is to say, this would be my 7th unit, and my 3rd Bitrazer :yum:. The combination of the Bitrazer SRR/BRR with that filter is really beautiful, can’t get enough. Scooper is feature-focused (to put it kindly), but the filter and pitch controls have plenty of sweet spots. Torcido “Tube Warm” sounds great, Demora already lists used for USD$500+ on the used market, so that’s what it is…and all of it wired to CV control. I don’t understand clever people whining about power instead of wiring up solutions for the sake of having great kit. Oh well, probably means the secondary market will still be strong when I finally decide I can do with just 4 of them.


theres a facebook group thats has a few regular posts on it,

search for Roland Aira Modular Customizer Patch Exchange


Eurocrackers are so dumb sometimes, the Aira FX come with their own PSU and they can operate just fine on a desktop or in a non powered case, as a Eurocracker myself I don’t have to have everything in my Euro case, that rack I linked to earlier sits right below my Euro and holds all 4 Aira FX.

Yes, they work fine standalone and they sound pretty nice.


Nice I asked to join, will check it out


Now that I got the Torcido I am thinking of picking up the Bitrazer as well before they disappear…

Have you got any examples of what you are doing with 7 of them?


Is there one that’s generally seen as better than the rest,?

I know it will depend what you want it to do but is there a stand out module?


I resisted buying the 7th today, so still have just 6 - a full set plus extra Bitrazer and Torcido. I’ve used the full set a bit, running Mother-32 or 0-Coast through them. I plan to use the 2nd Torcido and Bitrazer as programmable modules, once I get some space constraints worked out - desktop is a bit cramped just now. I’ll try to post some audio later this week.


i would say the scooper… great looper: it is a shame that as many companies now, didnt finish the product: this keeps some bugs and logical features unavailable: the scooper filter and scatter function fi, only work after looping: it would have ben easy to make them available pre and post loop:

Furthermore the manual sucks: lot s of features like in ub -midi cv sync are badly explained, and only due to users understandable: midi/cv sync should have been a port thing build in, not a slot of the already crammed modular builder…

also very noise sensitive (usb ground loops)

but love them (demora/scooper) !!


Hi. Do you know if that case will allow access to the power and usb inputs?


Yes the USB and power are connected on mine, the only proviso is that you will need to get right angle USB micro cables so that they do not foul the top rail of the rack. I use these ones and they work great:


thanks for letting me know


My Toricdo is noisy especially when driving the distortion or the tube effect hard, I guess that is like most distortion pedals but the noise was this ugly digital noise and it was getting me really annoyed

then I noticed one of the modules in the customizer is a Noise Gate and it works really well

My honeymoon period with this unit is still not over yet just sucks that they have discontinued them and one day i guess the customizer will go out of date and stop working in the future when updating computers, ipads etc


This video blew me away when I researched the scooper, though apart from the actual scatter effect that makes the scooper ‘scoop’ there is no reason why the drum synth couldn’t be made with the other modules in the range…

Analog drive or Roland Torcido

Oh… I want a scooper now as well!!!


I think those modules have a insane price/value ratio. Here (Swiss) they sell them for 90€.
Only thing that did hold me back is the high power consumption. 450 mA for a single module is just too much. I already have no more space on the desk, but maybe i could place them on top of a rack :thinking:

Edit: just saw, those are discontinued!
How is the build quality of those modules? In the videos, it looks like the knobs are very wobbly.


They’re all good. Scooper and Demora command the highest prices, I think because there aren’t that many affordable eurorack loopers/stereo delays. The Demora especially is pretty popular. They do want a lot of power when mounted in a eurorack system though, as Kari says. I think the Roland SYR-E84 has slightly unusual power specs (2000 mA on the +12v and only 500mA on the -12v) to accommodate a full set of them.


The knobs aren’t wobbly at all, in fact they feel great, very high build quality overall. It’s the wobbly sliders on the System-500 stuff that Roland took a lot of criticism for.


Build on mine at least is tip top, and I’ve had mine in a PM Structure 360 with primarily digital modules and had no problems with power, and my case is/was full.
Just use the psu and get cracking!

I regret not buying the other 3 quite frankly.


They’re cheap enough to be very moreish. I’ve ended up getting all of them except the Scooper. :happy: