Roland Aira EFX modules


I’ve probably watched this one 2 dozen times! A really clear and good vid about the customizer. That patch at the end sounds KILLER!


Yeah a blank box would be a brilliant move, few more ins and outs, some extra knobs and dsp…
I’d be onboard for sure!

I think Roland were aiming for completists with the Aira modules, they released that 84hp case with enough juice and sex appeal with them all lined up inside.
I also think the new analogue 500 (?) range bombed with the purists and didn’t quite capture the essence of the originals…
Hey Roland, stick em all together and sell them to me for a ludicrously low price!

#23 has these boxes for under £130.
they were down at £125 at one point due to currency conversion.
Looks like they’ve only got the Bitrazer and Torcido left though.
Wish I’d bought a Scooper for that price. So gutted I didn’t.


The best deals always when I have the least cashola!


Yeah the 84hp case fits the System-1m as well. It leaves a few hp units over if you put the 500 series modules in it.

I think the 500 series has done ok, I know they were out of stock from Roland for a while due to demand but certainly if you read the YouTube comments under any video of it you just get people complaining about wobbly sliders and stuff. I dunno, I still want one, the VCO and VCF sound amazing to me, especially the square wave.


I never saw the Scooper or Demora that cheap unfortunately. Only the other two.


I must admit I was tempted by the complete 500 system but then thought I could build a better (for me) system for the price, not one based in subtractive.
I did have that case though, was nice but when it is closed there is a gap where dust and whatnot can get in, kind of made the lid redundant, apart from as a stabiliser.
In the end I sold it as my understandable habit progressed!
They would still be great modules, I just can’t remember where someone who had the originals back in the day complained but hey that’s reissues/reimaginings in a nutshell isn’t it?
Still the Aira modules were a nice move, hope there is some kind of avenue still open there…


tempted by a torcido myself, had a scooper before but didn’t really have use for it

the kink video with the rhodes,tr8 and scooper is worth a watch as well


Yeah I LOVE that kink video. He definitely sold me on the TR-8.

I keep forgetting to try that LFO trigger trick.


it’s why i picked up a scooper but i didn’t have any way of triggering it at the time so was a PITA to do it by hand… also i have approx. 1/1000th of the talent KInk has :slight_smile:


Daft about the lid.

Yeah I got offered the complete set for a good price… I was really tempted but it was still a lot of money compared to what all my other gear cost me and I didn’t want to get hooked on eurocrack. The bass patch on this almost had me though:


i’m so tempted to pick up the bundle of them. found them for a significant i.e. 40% discount.


in the uk guitarguitar have them cheap. (and the roland a01 with keyboard)

theres also a group on facebook that has some patches.

or search for roland aira modular customization patch exchange.

ive got demora and scooper , only tinkered with them a little though.
i was tempted to pick up torcido though i have a oto biscuit already.


ProAudioStar has had them for months at dirt-cheap prices. Roland has really blown it by not pushing these harder - it seems most people are blown away when they realize that they have so much customization. Just the fact that they can be stand-alone or in a rack is an awesome innovation, not to mention one can simultaneously be a 1-osc synth and an external delay.


The Demora is full price still!
The rest can be found for 149 in the U.K.

I’d be tempted if I could get the Demora too as all four would be crazy together, drum machine from the Scooper into the Torcido and a synth from the Bitrazor into the Demora, all cross modulated…
The editor is genius!


hmmmm, im still rattling with picking postentially these up at a reduced price. as a nord g2 owner, not sure i get much more functionality out of these. other than more limited but arguably more simple. thoughts anyone?


I’ve got a G2 (soooo good!) but I reckon if you were being ruthless then the Scooper is the only one that can’t be replicated.
You can do the old value buffer trick but it’s not the same, no sampling…
Also apart from the hot headphone output on the G2 you don’t get all that cv input/output potential.
I love using my modular with the G2, parfect match.
The bitrazor (butrazor my iPad wrote!) torcido and demora although arguably replicable within the G2 environment are more streamlined and fun (although I’ve not used those boys) and are great little packages that can be utilised in ways not possible with the Nord depending what other gear you have.
Put it this way, imagine them WITH the G2!
I’d still buy them all myself as they are versatile and a different flavour to the modules and sound of the red king.
I love the Scooper and I use it often, the new OS with overdubbing also adds some variety.
I think any of them would augment anyone’s setup but I do see the similarities in terms of hardware dsp/module with software editor.

One of the things I love about the G2 is the thinking when you aren’t using it, getting excited to try something, testing ideas and concepts. I see the Roland modules as an extension of that. That drum machine on the Scooper and still being able to scatter and warp the beat is just mind blowing.
You can get the editor and play with the patching although no sound obviously! Worth checking the 31 modules out anyway if you haven’t already.

If I could find the Demora cheap I’d stick all 3 on mr visa but I don’t want to be left hankering for the Demora for years like it was the one that got away.

Worth noting the panel layout on the Scooper is different to the other 3, I know some people with a Scooper and at least one of the others to facilitate access to parameters differently…


They’re very handy chameleons; easily programmed to perform a variety of single or composite utility tasks within a eurorack set-up.

As a eurorack newbie I find them useful to setup as copycat functionality units as I experiment with possible narrower-hp dedicated modules (E.G., VCA, VCO, LFO, Logic, ADSR, mixer, various filters etc in addition to their headline functions) I might replace them with … but at under €200 each they are great value.


Another G2 owner here. A few Canadian retailers seem to be selling off the last Torcido and Bitrazer modules for 169 CAD (+ shipping + tax). I just got a Torcido today.

With only 30 sub-modules to choose from, fewer controls, and only 6 sub-modules allowed in each patch, the Aira modulars are not going to replace either a G2 or an Axoloti.

The advantages of the Aira are in the physical form factor (less is more, chez moi) and in the CV/Gate physical interfacing. The main hook for me is the potential for the thing to be an 8-in, 2-out audio interface in addition to being a cute modular effects or synth box.


Anybody here using these as an audio interface? If so, how are you monitoring in stereo? I’ve been plugging Output 1 into my 2x2 audio interface and monitoring in mono to hear in both ears, but I’d be interesting in trying the audio interface functionality. Tips n tricks?