RipCord (12V) for Digitakt

I just bought this Ripcord:

And it arrived today, but it doesn’t power up my Digitakt!

Does anyone use this cable for the Digitakt? It powers my Novation Circuit perfectly, but when I plug it into the Digitakt and to my Macbook USB port, I get a message on my mac saying ’ USB accessories disabled '. When I try to use an iphone charger, it also powers my Circuit, but nothing on the Digitakt! Do you know why?

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You probably won’t be able to power the Digitakt off a laptop’s USB port. It requires a decent amount of current. The people who have had success powering a DIgitakt using the Ripcord were powering off of a powerbank of decent spec. There’s a whole thread on this, I believe. Search is your friend.

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Return it and buy a battery that can power the Digitakt directly. I wouldn’t trust that thing connected to your expensive computer or to your expensive Digitakt.


Thank you! I will search for a good, powerful battery

Thanks, yes they were probably. I find it strange that not even an iphone power adapter works… It powers my Circuit perfectly which is also 12V, but not the Digitakt. I mean, an iphone power adapter should provide enough energy right?

Digitakt requires 2000mA (2 amps) @ 12V. An iPhone charger only supplies 1.2 amps at 5V.

V=IR Ohm’s Law

If you convert the voltage to 12 volts then current or resistance has to go down(math equation above, I hate math actually) Since resistance can’t change you actually get less current than the 1.2 amps the iPhone charger provides.

You’d need even more than 2amps @ 5V to power the Digitakt.


That little thing only puts out 1 Amp, or 5 Watts. Once you convert that up to 12 volts, you’re only getting around 0.4 Amps, if my maths is correct. That’s nowhere near enough to juice the Digitakt.


That seems close enough to get the picture to me.

0.42 amps rounded or 0.4 amps rounded further.

Also I = P/V

If you need 24 Watts (what the Digitakt uses) @ 5V you’d need a “5V 4.8 amp power supply”.


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haha, I don’t hate people who like math, just math. Mostly because I don’t always remember to carry something or forget some little rule and screw the whole thing up. I’m better at visualizing how things work (physics and science) than I am at crunching numbers.


I think you have great cerebral skills and logic.


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By the way, I’m a math teacher. Don’t tell anyone.

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For what it’s worth, the DT doesn’t require 2 amps, that’s just the max capacity of PSU-3. I think someone did some tests on the DT/DN/OT etc. and found that the DT required something less than 1 Amp. I think it was about 0.8-0.9 Amps. Again, I think all this info is in the other thread about battery packs for Digitakt.


Awesome! I don’t “really” hate it. It’s very cool and I use it all of the time. Most everything I create involves math.
I just struggle with keeping track of where I am with it. It started happening around Calculus time when my Algebra wasn’t solid.
I had to go back and take Algebra again to learn what I forgot.

I dropped out of high school; ended up getting a GED and then going to college for Electronics years later (which I finished).

My math issues probably stem from not consistently taking each math course year after year like you’re supposed to. So it’s me really. I would have graduated college with a 4.0 if it wasn’t for that stinking B+ I got in math freshman year of college.


Hi, any suggestion of a battery that could power the DT directly?

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Hi, I just bought one that seems to work great. I haven’t played with it a lot yet but it does work and in an hour I had about 9% of capacity used only: Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?

I use this one with the rip cord:

I get at least 4 hours of use from one charge

I’ve used a Ripcord with a Dtakt, Octatrack and Heat. Works fine. As others say, just get a proper battery and you’ll be fine.