Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?

looks like a world from Rick&Morty …or a super dark fantasy horror movie :grinning:

Hi community,

I’m really feel like a noob here, tried to find the info I need reading through the thread but failed somehow. I’d love to use my Digitakt unplugged for a few hours at least and am looking for external solution.

  • I’d buy an external power bank. How would it get connected to the Digitakt? Is there some USB cable with the right plug to stick into the power input of the Digitakt?

  • I’m not sure either about flying restrictions. I’d like to be able to take the power bank on plane - I barely fly but will in a few weeks for once. Is there a matter of the capacity of the power bank, or of technology? Can it be taken in cabin or check-in only or both? I’m in Europe and for now stay in Europe if that matters.

Thanks for enlightening me!

I may have found my own answer after reading through the thread more thoroughly : https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07PWY1ZL2/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1ZK71SG13GHLQ&th=1

That should work right? There’s a higher capacity option but that seems alright to me. From what I gather I should also be able to fly with it. If you know otherwise, please let me know!

This sounds very cool:

ADP05 LXT: 5V - 2x 2,1 Ah or 1x 4,2 Ah

Same batteries for everything :slight_smile:

it will work! got the same with 20000QC3
take the one with higher power
this cable and you are good to go

have a look in here:

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Thanks for your answer!

I ordered the XT-20000QC3-PA as well, indeed. Doesn’t it come with a cable that fits the Digitakt though? I thought so… The one you linked isn’t available at the moment also.

Do you know, also, if there are restrictions to take this device on a plane?

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there is a cable incl. appr. 10000000 km long. and no angle

you will have to carry ALL your battery backs in your HAND luggage!

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Thanks a lot!

So, cool, I’ll be able to leave the power pack at home and take the Digitakt to the park :smiley:. I’ll see it it’s inconvenient for me before buying a new one. I don’t really care about angled.

Good to know for the plane! I hope these things are safe. I buy it to take the Digitakt away for my holiday, it’s definitely the instrument I want to bring, with an iPad. Then also for music on the sofa…

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Hi there,

so did anyone successfully powered two devices from the same battery?
say the DT & DN or DT & M:C?
what’s you setup like ?


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I received the battery and it works great! Hello digitakt in the woods, on the sofa… :blush:

It is bigger than I expected, the length is more than the depth of the Digitakt ( I haven’t really checked beforehand) but that’s fine, should give a lot of juice!

Thanks for the help here.

Ahahah it’s the Reno river just before it passes near Bologna in Italy. I have also found an incredible spot for next outdoor production with beautiful falls and forest, hope i can do an AV live recording there soon…

I guess you could with a battery with multiple DC output, otherwise it would work a DC Daisy chain I guess. If you take an XT model at amazon it should be enough powerful for two or three machines.

Does anyone know if this would do the job?

Doesn’t seem to have a DC out, which I believe makes it incompatible on its own (but don’t take my word for it :)).

You’ll need a power bank that can do DC out and do it at 12V + min 1 Amp.

You could combine that battery maybe with a Ripcord converter (USB 5V to DC 12V).

Or you could just get that XT Power battery recommended a few posts further up.

EDIT: this one - XTPower XT-20000QC3-PA (or the 16000QC3, it’s just smaller capacity).

Are you referring to one of these?

Was referring to this one, but I guess they are the same.

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my solution arrived a few days ago.

2 ripcord 12v
plugged on a

that gives me enough battery to play at least 3h for now. (I even didn’t recharge battery when it has arrived).

so happy!

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Calling for some wisdom (I’m not very smart with the topic, or at all :blush:)

So, the battery works great with the Digitakt (the model is XT-20000QC3-P). Now, I use an iPad pro with this mobile setup. To do so, I use this USB. Hub:

Now, if I plug a USB A to USB C cable from the battery to the hub, the iPad does charge. But, if I omit the hub and plug the USB A to C directly from the battery to the iPad, while having the Digitakt still powered by the battery, the iPad is charging.

Also, if I use the battery for the Digitakt only and plug the hub to the iPad, and plug a regular power supply to the hub, the iPad charges.

So, there’s something with the combination of the hub and the battery that doesn’t work. Unplugging the Digitakt doesn’t change the situation. With only the hub and the iPad, no charging. Without the hub, it charges. With the hub and a regular power supply, it charges…

Any clue what’s going on?

Hi Plim, this Anker power its works so? for my digitone and Digitakt…i should buy two of this correct? and wich cable for DC buy it¿?


no no. you need only one battery to power the 2 machines simultaneously and also 2 ripcord 12V>5V!

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