RipCord (12V) for Digitakt

Same here, the ripcord with a good battery work very well.

I’m looking to run a Digitakt and a Moog Subharmonicon (12v centre positive 1200ma). Came across this thread :slight_smile: what could I plug two ripcords into? Home use, so not fussed about a battery.

In an ideal world I want to power these two and a ZOIA (9v centre negative 300ma) from one plug. I was thinking of one of these maybe? I’m used to guitar pedals and a single power supply, so this is all new to me

Oh, and hello! Im new here. Found loads of great info already - many thanks. Looks like a great forum. Any help appreciated.


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Can you tell if this is legit to use with ripcord for digiton or digitakt?