Restrictions are for the dreamless


just saw that the additional encoders on top of that keyboard aren’t for macros, but for assigning individual parameters.

this means: all the extra cost for a (probably good) keyboard, that i’m not gonna really use that often i guess…so that’s it. i’m out.


Right? To me it feels a little like the previous machines, like the silver boxes, the Analog line and the vanilla DN have set the bar so high that disappointment is somewhat inevitable.


That’s where you’re wrong. It is verifiable fact handed down from the Ancient Gods of above on their golden slabs of truth


true that.

the m:s is quite expensive for what it is given its competition, and the dk is an unusual design. I see them as risky releases. tho I don’t know $h1t :smile:

[edit: given it shares the same OS as the DN id wager it isn’t such a costly release as it could have been if it needed a whole new one, so as has been mentioned maybe it’s to catch a market that the DN had just missed out on. but I can’t see many of my keyboard playing mates wanting this over a moog or dsi or somethin] :slight_smile:


I dunno - the Digitone has been a real success as far as I can tell - can totally see the merit in trying to reach those who are yet to buy one, with a Keyboard option. Imagine this will sell well - there are a lot of players who’ll welcome the keys.


Here is a Digitone Keys video where the keyboard is not played. Brilliant.


I think most keyboard players will want more than 37 keys on an 8 voice poly.


maybe, and I’m not grouping myself in with this - I have and love my Digitone, and the update looks great. I can see the appeal of the Keys though.


so they’ve turned into Apple? where if they don’t release a “this changes everything!” level product every year, people are disappointed? or, at least, people here are.

I will say I find it odd that they made another keyed version of an existing module. the SFX6 was limited to 500 units and I think it took them the better part of a decade to sell all of them. similarly, the Analog Keys doesn’t seem to have fared much better. they must really be selling a lot of DN’s and have gotten a lot of feedback from users that would like a dedicated keyboard interface, to have taken this leap.


that’s why i’ve posted it :wink:


Stack it with a midi kb. Two hand that shit.


Even though I’ve been thinking about getting a keeb for ages to pair with my DN, I probably would have bought a DKN if it looked ergonomic to use. I would be constantly moving left and right to use it all! This could have been a 45deg panel above the keys a la Moog etc to make it all accessible and stuff. But I guess that doesn’t fit the ‘flat box’ Elektron aesthetic.


Was there a picture of a DT keys as well a few hundred posts up…? Curiouser…


The new OS is great :heart_eyes:
Portomento sounds AWESOME and really enhances the DN. Really pleased with all the new recall features too.


I like it, but then, I’m not terribly nit-picky. It looks like it makes the things that I thought were buried a bit more than I’d like quite accessible though, which is cool. It’s also nice to have that little keyboard over there to tap in chords and things. I’m of two minds on the keyboard setup. On one hand, a nice 49-61 key setup with the controls overhead would be nice for playing it as a basic synth. However, this is an Elektron device. It’s more than just a regular keyboard synth. It’s nice to have the keys to bring out the chords, arps, mapped items, but it’s still an 8-voice, heavily sequenced system. Now it’s just easier to do all that, and a lot more expressive. Elektron doesn’t really make keyboard-player keyboard synths. Even the AK isn’t QUITE that, though it’s a lot closer.

I think this thing is pretty cool. I may even need one.


uh it has a sequencer so yes it is


If I were starting from scratch, I would have loved this. It’s shallow and gives a good controller. I have tried to avoid keyboard instruments due to space constraints and this would have been a nice package for me when I started earlier this year.

I will say that I’m grateful for the update to the DN-I think there are some new features with MIDI control that they could have simply said were for the DK only.


Please read the clarifications before posting an “uh” post.

You couldn’t use the Digitone keyboard or external keyboard and HAVE PLAYED two sounds simultaneously with separate rhythms (layering doesn’t count). With multimapping that was literally added today, now you can with MIDI.

What I meant was keyboard split multitimbrality, not playing multiple sounds on separate tracks.


Restrictions are for the Digitone users? :content:


I’d wager the design they went with reduced R&D costs/time by a huge amount, having essentially a 1:1 DN in the middle, rather than having to deconstruct its innards & relocate everything in a different manner for a more standard shaped synth w/keyboard.