Restrictions are for the dreamless


I am a little disappointed… I saw in this a very “huge” brain thing that could be at the center of a setup. It’s not… I wanted to believe in multiple MIDI out, and maybe tracks for samples. Ok they must not cannibalize the other products (OT…) but if that’s the angle chosen for this machine, it seems too expensive (600 euros for a keyboard and separate outings…) :thinking:


the sound of the digitone keys (featuring 3 rows of eurorack)… lol


you never seen the original MnM?

shits TUFF! open your mind…things come in diff shapes and sizes.

i think it funny too…when you see a bunch of studio pics with a shit ton of gear…all lined up nice and neat SO FAR APART…yet people deem that shit playable. but somehow the DNK is not?! ha ha ha ha rich.

its easy to complain i guess.


That didnt take long…


Anyone noticed if the mute LEDs on the DN update have been made clearer?

As for the DK looks cool, but not for me as I don’t have room for keyboards, like the sep outs though.


I’d say the biggest disappointment with this is that you can’t switch between tracks as seamlessly as the Digitakt

OG DN made sense because of the utilization of the sequencer as the keyboard. This thing should have repurposed the sequencer buttons as a means of switching between tracks and quick muting of both internal and midi tracks


Not that anyone cares, but in my opinion, I think it looks odd. It seems like a strange move, but I’m sure there’s a market for it. I love my Digitone (just the way it is, nice and portable), and I’m excited for the new firmware. I’m not a keyboardist, and if I ever got a synth with keys, it’d be something like the Matriarch or OB-6.

This thread ran the gamut from amusing to astounding with how the speculation turned into investigation that was actually right. Bravo. I guess I was half-right in saying that a firmware update was coming. I still wonder if they’re holding something back for Superbooth.


8 minutes of video and then he basically says “if you already know the Digitone you can directly switch to the end” (29’ - pros and cons) :joy:


I’m getting MS NAMM Deja vu


We still don’t know what this is:


Ah so only multimode and 8 perf macros? We didn’t get kits, swing trigs, mute trigs, polymetry, songmode?

1300€ is a bit much for this IMO, 999 I might still consider, but over 1k without a single big box staple feature? no thx

Much obliged for DN OB and portamento though! Makes the DN much more trackable now :+1:


well… since I don’t have a Digitone, and I love the SFX6, I’m interested.

my only gripe is no led’s above the keys.


I dunno, I think it’s slightly more of an update than the OT mk2- extra buttons and knobs look cool. And if you need the keys, your need is finally addressed.

IMO DN > DoNkey Kong though


who else is waiting for the official ScienceLab competition to win one?


best of luck with the release. it’s not my cuppa but hopefully there’s a good market for it.

I can’t deny being a li’l worried about their 2 most recent development decisions. Having said that I wish elektron well with their new endeavours and hope they’re a success.


I like the Jexus-like vibe of the videos. and how this one just has a pedal stacked on a MnM, stacked on a MD. just kinda throwing these things about like they’re worthless…


I’m the same. I’m getting it. I’ve been holding out on getting digitone. This is why. I hope they can add some of the mnm machines, that would be the tits!


Just your opinion man. I didnt want to use my OT at all when I had the mk I. The inputs had tone suck. I considered selling mine off because of it. With the mk II the input tone suck is gone and I’d never sell mine anymore. but ymmv and all that.


I wouldnt hold your breath.
seems the digitone n keys share the same OS.


Finally someone gets it