Restrictions are for the dreamless


Digitone Keys coming soon? :o

Unlock your sweet dreams.


Model:Lullaby confirmed!


yes, please :slight_smile:




okay, something is coming, no doubt

bring it!




Sounds FMish! Don’t know if there are more than 4 different FM-sounds in parallel, though…


An Elektron without restrictions? :content:


Hopefully something good!
Full sized, seperate outs, midi,
And not some half baked model:travesty :crossed_fingers:


Oh mennn :3lektron:

sounds a bit as a modular arrangement no ?




Would love to see something like a Polymachine with a couple of algorithmic and experimental facilities … :pleading_face:


Perhaps they’re going the Deluge route, where there are no theoretical limits, but your use of the CPU set the real limits. An instrument where tracks, number of fx, samples, all that stuff, limits itself by how you use it.

A more open structure, where you can apply the juice where it’s most needed.




The vocal sounds like the sweet voice from Suzanne Ciani


I like restrictions, I’m not talented enough to be free.



what about …. no new Maschine but user configurable Elektron OS for Digitakt and Digitone? I mean it´s not called Fmtone … so why not just an Monomaschine OS? And an Machinedrum OS for the Digitakt? I mean isn´t it just code and as we live in the Matrix anyway … :wink:


It’s a soundpack for DN, nothing to see here guys.

Joking. In three days (or less?) we will see what’s coming up, but meanwhile where is @Ess and the geek puzzles?