Restrictions are for the dreamless


Begs the question how heavy this thing is and how the weight is distributed :thinking:


6kg it says :thinking:


Im just excited for portamento. The only reason i dont have a DN already


When are we going to get this rompler that @Fin25 is always on about?

The rompler is the only thing missing from the line up at this point.


I like the physical arrangement. I’m not a huge fan of the FM sound so this isn’t for me, but would totally get a new a4 keys with this physical package.


Yes I feel so constrained by the exact same thing but without that expensive keyboard welded on…I thought it was all about the bloody sequencer anyway? P-lock this and that… Can you p-lock the Keys on this? lol Dataline did in his new video, cause he didn’t have to press them much lol


It’s coming, don’t you worry.
It’s only a matter of time before people see the light.


I’ve been keeping up with this thread to an extent but don’t really have time to read through all of it. Do we KNOW that the “Restrictions are for the dreamless,” is the digitone keys, or could it be about a separate product?


It has that message on the package when BoBeats opened it up so yes…


Thanks, I haven’t been able to keep up very much lately.


Sadly I was able to follow it all. Glad to save you from it.


My mind is open but i just think it looks weird. :slight_smile:


Did you check out the sonicstate DK video? Cenk was showing off the new portamento feature. I’m grateful elektron went the extra mile and gave all this extra functionality to the portamento, going to have a blast upgrading my DN OS tomorrow!


pump it through any number of bit crusher/tape emulator/distortion/saturation plugins ITB! im pretty hyped to try this out


I thought it was funny :+1::wink:


I was specifically referring to the MnM FM machines- which is the inverse of the DN in terms of aesthetic.

My experience with them was that they were designed mostly to make wild noise


So this was a let down for me, personally. I can see the appeal but dang it’s ugly. Also kinda jealous that the DN is getting these types of updates. My DT is also feeling the envy.


It‘s nice that it has got a distinguishable acronym, DT and DN is a bit hard for me sometimes. :face_with_monocle:


Ugly!? Holy shit its dope!
Too bad im broke as fuuuuuuuu.


They’re waiting to see how many devices will spawn so that they can know how many portals the brain will need?