Restrictions are for the dreamless


Lol. Right

It’s crazy how the inclusion of portamento really does yield MnM resemblances

I just wish the DN could get dirty and ugly like the MnM


Yes, yes and yes. Cant wait to update and run the new firmware and OB plugin.


I don’t know. This isn’t a bad product. It’s our way to anticipate it, that’s toxic (for some). Don’t think I’ll join the hype train next time.


im delighted, for a number of reasons. Firstly, 1.20 for my Digitone looks great. Secondly, I’ve been holding off buying a friends A4 just to make sure the new box wasnt something I had to have… I dont have to have this, so still get a new toy.

I can understand that not everyone is happy, but had I not already got a Digitone, I’d be biting my hand off for this - looks lovely in my opinion. Glad to see the OS update and Overbridge have come alongside. Happy customer.


that shape is great if you perform with a partner. its tuff to play and tweak. BUT…one can play and the other has access to the params.

was cool on the MNM and looks cool on the DNK [providing the pic is legit]




Yeesh, I guess Song Mode is never going to appear on the Digis then. And now that there’s keys to play and wheels to move, etc etc, having pattern changes happening automatically is even more vital!


Weirdest looking synth i ever saw.


Looking forward for the A4-sustain pedal in 2020


to be honest it is a step in the right way. Digitone and Digitakt both needed to be developped more. Same goes with overbridge. Adding a box that would cannibalize that would have been a letdown and unnecessary gas to most people.
I am happy that I keep to focus on the gear I recently bought and not try to run anywhere to sell it because I feel that I would have been left out with improved fonctionnality on a new box.

lets keep making music and stop refreshing this thread folks, or at least that’s what I’ll do.



Unlimited p-locks on 1-step sequencer.


See you all next Superbooth! Thanks for playing.


if you microtime that trigs and set the bpm to a very low value you might get some melody out of it. dirty tricks! Ah no. There is only one trig. Bummer.


I think it looks kinda neat and has some great functionality. Price seems fair for what it is. Not sure I’ll want one for sure or not, but I think it seems pretty darn cool. No big letdown here!


I really like this :slight_smile:



i must honestly say that the individual outs and assignable macro-knobs are a big plus! not that much of a keyboard-player, but for quickly tweaking stuff or experimenting polyphonic chords this thing seems to be a quite deep synth to me!


If Restrictions are for the dreamless, do the restrictions caused by the lack of parameter slides on the DN make it more dreamless than the MD, MM, OT, or A4?


Oh, I get it. Restrictions only exist if they are viewed as so :nerd_face: