Restrictions are for the dreamless


Please someone can help me understanding DN new OS improvements?

Thanks Elektron, now I want an Octatrack OS update!



all the tension. gone. what now?


kinda glad its “only” a DN keys, it sure will find it’s buyers, but due to studio real estate constraints if GAS is hitting i’m mostly on the lookout for desktop units and only my keystep to rule them all…

but i gotta say, it sure does look nice…


Great news for me as a DN user, 0 money spent, overbridge and new functionalities!!





May I ask where does this changelog come from ?


so it seems now you can not only reload all, but also reload just one track/page (if i understood correctly)… that’s neat!
hope we’ll see this for the Digitakt as well




Christ I came close to insta buying this. Trying to behave.

Looks like an ideal package for me. Been considering a rotation of gear. Must try to be patient and pitch one up a little cheaper in a month or two


Too lazy to read the specs, do we get song mode?




This Digitone update looks great! Overbridge, Portamento, and Randomize. Very cool. The Digitone Keys aren’t my cup of tea, but I am sure there are plenty that will dig it.


But… the restrictions!

Update: Nevermind!


Looks ok, but surely would have been great to have the keyboard as a separate SKU that could hook up to the current DT (or DN), on either side, and connect via usb.


It has a non-restricted song mode.


You beat me to it


The only thing that needed restricting was my time on this dumb hype train for the second time this year… getting off at next station.


A big ‘meh’. Update is ok, we waited for it because they were attaching a keyboard to it? Well maybe I’ll do that with my keystep and some tape this evening :rofl:


Well, goodnight thread. The anticipation had actually snuck into my dreams. Last night I dreamt that the box was a beautiful screen printed wooden slab (a la Ciat Lonbarde) with a picture of an Arizona desert landscape on it that connected to your computer and had a touch sensitive body. You could map all kinds of oscillators and performance features to it to be triggered as you ran your hand over the surface. You could even do some rudimentary sequencing! Someone made a hip hop beat. People hated the product and were totally thrown. As a response, Elektron leaked their next three releases, one of them was a shirt, one of them was an EP.