Restrictions are for the dreamless


Roll your own algos in FM synthesis would be nuts.


Elektron should totally make those as keyrings/USB sticks.


I’d p-lock the shit out of that step :joy:



It’s fake, the glitches’ pattern of image compression are diferents on wheel mod zone and digitone zone.


I’d really like this for the DN, perhaps loaded via OB?


anyway… actually we don`t need any more gear only more time to finish our tracks :sweat_smile: young-boy-running-away-from-home


This kind of surprise, with lfo wavemorph could be really exiting


Ever since I stopped browsing this thread yesterday I did most of the arrangement work on my second Octatrack song using some new sounds I got for chillwave/trip-hop and an FM drum arrangement on the Digitone :slight_smile:

And yet I find myself back, drawn into the constant wonder… All I need is the answer to if I should return my Digitone and MIDI keyboard that were just purchased, and purchased while wishing they came as a pair… lol.

Is it possible to set the Octatrack’s crossfader CC value? I’d like to crossfade the Digitone’s volume… It’d be pretty dope if I could crossfade between the Digitone’s drum arrangement and the OT’s.


The Model Samples left everyone amazed. Prepare for the similar reaction :laughing:


No announcement yet… It seems like we’ll have to wait until tomorrow :frowning:


I feel like I’m replying to you a ton today.

•Put DNs audio on OTs inputs and set it up on a thru track
•set your cross fader scene A to max vol on the OT track and min vol on the DN thru track
•set cross fader scene B to min vol on OT track and max vol on the DN track

Boom, fade between the two


I love how my post got hidden. It’s a common joke on the show “Impractical Jokers”… Guess it doesn’t come across as well on the internet… :crazy_face:

@jb Nice thanks! I have the Digitone going into my audio interface but the main outs of the interface going into the OT… so same concept just a middle man for more possibilities.


Nice :smiley:


Juzus thats Fugly! I hope its a photoshop!


I refuse to believe that a room full of technically and musically capable Swedes would come up with that. It’s just not possible.


Are we entering a new era of fake leak marketing of underwhelming products so that when the real, slightly less underwhelming product is released, it’s a hit due to lowered expectations ?


So then you don’t like this beastie? Honestly looks like a blunt weapon.


I call it a 3 octaves keyboard with 5 octaves width. I prefer AK form factor by far.


Wow. I had no idea.