Restrictions are for the dreamless




for 1899 Dollars ? will be a hit in qatar


A revolution !


exactly what I hope too


Octakeys with polyphonic tracks. Game over


They phased out the Analogue 4 keys. Elektron is a progressive company not a regressive one.(i think)


Damn It make it stop ! i have hard time to concentrate at work cause refresh , refresh, refresh…


Or even an OT if you put it in sideways. Creating the first of 5 sacred Elektron Sigils (ES1) to fullfill the prophecy


as i said before, i just can`t belive they reactivating the ~ A4 keys concept / size.

First… they go from the A4 / Octa - size … to the DT / DN box size… just to make a new box, going back into the A4 / A4 keys size again…?!? I just can`t belive it.

What i would like: something like the Roli Seaboard or the Linnstrument controller instead of the normal A4-like Keyboard together with the DN … that would be something.


same here :joy:


If this would happen, I swear I’d do instabuy - despite JUST having rewired and tidied up the studio



I think i’ve got a theory about the tagline title

wrt restrictions

maybe the DN can now do all the ratios and isn’t stepping through ‘nice’ ones !!

Don’t have a DN so haven’t followed every chat about the why’s and whatnot’s about why this is/was so in the first place beyond being helpful/pleasant (in theory)


I’m exactly in the same sh** :joy:


Loooong Skype conf here…can we please pause all speculations an hour? Sometime soon I really need to listen in more carefully, unfortunately


It could be fun to all get together before a new Elektron launch. You know … eating chicken wings and drinking beer watching a giant screen showing this thread in realtime.

Like a super bowl for nerds.


sounds like a great idea!


I wish, but unfortunately not

I believe they see that as a feature not a restriction


Here’s my guess.
It’ll be a battery operated, portable OctaPocket for those super monotonous late nite jamz.

I might be wrong but then again I’m usually quite good at this.


I‘m in :smile:


Lfo wavemorph