Restrictions are for the dreamless


That’s kidney, right?


For that price, Cenk better personally come and jam with me for an afternoon. He can use his magic on the sequencer and parameter pages while I play Jump on the 37 keys


Except he’ll be taking the keyboard with him when he leaves :smiley:


I hope they’ll also release a desktop version with 37 keys :slight_smile:


I wish they had made a Micro Korg version of this instead, with a 2 octave mini keys setup.

That would have been adorable


They’ll call it the Digi keystep pro


Nothing new, it seems that Amazona´s staff is reading this thread.


this is a new digi-form-factor Device?
But only has 5 knobs
And the weird arrangement of buttons at the bottom that each have 3 leds above them
And it looks like they scratched out the name?
****ojtone or something? ****nitone?


Honestly be neat if it was the Vocaltone.


VokalTon. remeber its Elektron :wink:


Fresh news guys!!

Maybe Elektron is releasing something tomorrow.




the digitone keys image looks genuine to me:

  • The flat keybed and angled Digitone section look odd to the eye, generating an optical illusion that the length of the unit bends slightly. However it is a straight line

  • The omission of the Add Notes button on the Digitone section looks too clever for an idle photoshopper


I wouldn’t mind if people scrolled before posting.


That would be a missed opportunity to call it the digitalk


You might want to have another look at that image :eyes: move over ensoniq


that photoshop hurt my eyes.




That’s a bad news if we have to wait until tomorrow…