Restrictions are for the dreamless


Can anyone, calling it fake, explain why they think it’s fake?

  1. It was on Thomanns website. I saw it on my own. Why should Thomann fake it?
  2. It fits exactly to the looks of Analog Four and SFX60 Monomachine keyboard.


Maybe they’ll make a superwavetone, sidtone and digiprotone as well. If you have all 5 in your hand you can summon exodia


Wait! Wasnt the first pics showing DN with keys? This new shows DT with keys! Amarite


Elektron Model : Peniche ?PortSaintSauveur-040729



mmmhh…this looks now like a joke, right :smile: ?


image dkeys3

We will see AH with keys in a minute :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool. Finally I can play analog saturation in Fmajor


Same screen content too


As mentioned before…this seems photoshopped :wink:


If it’s a joke I’ll buy whatever they come with :raised_hands:


I wonder if some clever marketing person at Elektron thought - “If we bait the Elektronauts, really bait them, they’ll be all over the place and everyone will write about it. Then, we drop the real thing, the day after. At which point, everyone will write about that, too. And about our bait. Not to mention they’ll be on their toes when we launch something the next time.”

If they did, they’re really clever.


After all, this is how Håkan Hellström got famous.


I feel like I remember Ess, around the release of DN, commenting on how they would do a PM synth. Maybe this is that, no restrictions as in lots of “machines” that can emulating basically all their instruments or any instrument for that matter…maybe sampling too


Omnitone like it , could it be?


Good lord Elektron ! Give us the OT 3 and i buy five of them :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:


Thank gawd this appears to be joke. Fair play Elektron.


it’s all about the clicks :point_up_2:


The second one is not real, did you get it from Thomann too ? Because we can see the photoshop work ; look at the C key :


Also colours don’t match at the mod wheel section…
Looks smooth on the Digikeys, tho!