Red eye


Sorry I missed your message! Yeah that should be possible. My ego wishes I’d stuck with it but like I said I didn’t know the pin thing pictured existed. Had I, I’d have easily done it myself.

Did you do your own?


Ugh the notion of all my Elektrons having classic gameboy color displays fills me with such delight I almost want to write a buzzfeed article about it.

Where can I get these displays?



Look for “yellow green” colored displays, I think that these come very close to the gameboy classic display. If you want a true classic experience, I suggest to disable background lighting :grin:


Beauty. Nice job!


The Red Screen Rocks as well as The Machinedrum. if you can get the UW i strongly recommend the MDUW



My old Machinedrum MK1 is reborned now with a VF-Display. (The first picture has an exposure time artifacts because the time multiplex and the iphone exposure don’t match. In real life it looks great. )
The modding was very exiting :wink:


That looks COOL!


that looks great!

how much more current does it draw than the original? VFD’s are thirsty things!

Screen upgrade?

Thanks. It’s a special modified VFD for Elektron gear, but i guess it needs 150 mA more than the standart LCD. Anyway, the VFD’s working perfect.


This VFD apparently is GU128x64E-U100 from Noritake



Here’s the specs for that display:

It pulls 550ma! I’m curious what the modification was to reduce the current draw… anyone know?


I’m thinking about changing my OT’s screen too. Maybe OLED will be a better option. it’s power consumption is lesser than VFDs


The Original Noritake VFD is to high and doesn’t fit under the front plate.
The highest components on the rear side of the pcb must be desoldered and moved to an outer region.
( Route to outside and wire )
This requires advanced soldering skills. Too hot de/soldering can destroyed the VFD.


ok I want that in my Rytm tbh.
that blue VFD looks super :+1:
but doesn’t look like they have one which can replace the Rytm screen…


These are available on ebay


Did you have to run any other wires for the power? I’m curious if the power on the header pins was bypassed and tapped from somewhere else to get around problems with the insane current draw


Great job! Does it have a brightness regulator/jumper/switch? And also did you have to desolder original display to install this modded one?


Very good dealer! The prices for the modded VFDs are high but fair.
It’s no secret, I bought VFDs there :wink:


There is no possibility to adjust the brightness. But you can place filter foils in front of the VFD. (that’s also the method to change colors) I don’t use filters actually. I like to see the rough VFD.