Red eye


The VFD is connected in the same way as the original Display. Only soldered at the 20 pins row.


lol @ the waldorf knob fitting as a replacement for the original track selector :smiley:

these displays look great, I’d be tempted to replace my OT/MM’s displays, but I don’t have a problem with them. Good to have that option if they fail though!


I put the blue screen on my MD, best decision I ever made. it’s sold now but I can attest, it was stunning.


Did you have to solder in the new display? It says no soldering.


You can remove the old LCD without desoldering.
Wobble it of so that the pins will break in the needed new length. The V
FD is placed much more closer to the main PCB. (Because the VFD is a few mm higher)
Now you can solder the 20 pins of the VFD after you’ve removed the plastic band. (Melt it carefully with the soldering iron and then you can remove it easily with a claw)


Hey folks,

since I replaced the display of my second Machinedrum, I thought you might be interested to see it, too.

Color is the black on green I mentioned, which looks quite gameboy-ish.

It is still backlit, but the lighting on the photo makes it hard to see.


That is so awesome! Replace the Silver faceplate with Black and i’ll totally get one!! Elektron should make special edition versions like that.


i REALLY want to replace the red screen on my MD…my eyes can’t take the red. its brutal. would be kinda cool to get an OLED in an MD :slight_smile:


Strange, for me, red is the most gentle on my eyes. I really like the MD screen, though red on black would be perfect. The monomachine bright white/blue is harsh on my eyes, in fact I have a red acetate over it.


Hi everyone, this is my first post on Elektronauts. Thanks to everyone who shared ideas and info on the screen replacement. This is now done on my MD, and the MM will follow next week. Perhaps the following pictures will be useful for someone who is contemplating this very worthwhile upgrade! Here is the adafruit MONOCHRON KS0108 Graphic LCD - white on black.





For your reference in case you want to research the part.


DAMN…that looks amazing!
my poor eyes can’t take the red. i wish i knew how to handle a soldering iron.

is that all you have to do…just replace it? or is there any programming or coding…what have you. if its simply a screen swap ill do it! ill just find someone who can solder it for me. for my MD and MnM.


Thank you for sharing this! I would love to do this, I’m not a big fan of the red display (though it’s livable), but I’m way too timid to do make the swap. I’m actually pretty decent with a soldering iron and have a nice Hakko 936, but I just don’t want to risk screwing my MD UW+ up. I just got one a couple weeks ago now and love it! Seeing another user on this forum badly damage his trying to swap out the display really hurts.

That said, I think I will go ahead and buy one of these displays to have as a parts spare for if/when the original screen does give up. That’ll most likely be the component in the MD that will go over the long haul and I don’t see myself parting ways with it any time soon.

Again, thanks for sharing the detailed pics.


Question for people that have done the swap… a couple have mentioned contrast adjustment. Where is this done? Is that the small adjustment pot that sits next to the instrument selector / jog wheel?


Hi Phaelam, Elektron used a common, generic LCD screen for the MD and MM - so there are many compatible screens out there. See earlier posts in this thread for specifications. Yes, all you have to do is find a compatible screen and get someone with soldering/desoldering experience to replace it. I’ve heard that Elektron provides this service as well.


Yes there is a small trimmer next to the jog wheel encoder on the MD. You need a very small screwdriver to adjust it.


For your reference in case you want to research the part.