Reaktor 6


I haven’t tried with Octatrack but it’s a general purpose USB - Midi interface that should work with anything. I’ve used it mainly for moving user waves into MnM.

Plug it into Octatrack and your computer then assign midi cc’s from Octatrack midi to Reaktor Blocks controls or the Blocks macro module. Done.


Regarding Elektron>Reaktor control…I’ve done this before via Ableton Live. It has been about a year (and I’m maybe slightly intoxicated…), but as I recall I had to assign Reaktor knobs in Live, and from there I was able to assign CC from the OT through Live. I don’t think I had any luck trying to do this directly (and I know it didn’t work trying to have the OT intercept R6 because it needed a CC to latch on to), but setting this up in my DAW was easy-peasy. As an added bonus, you can send the crossfader CC from the OT (CC#45 IIRC) to Reaktor for some additional fuckery.

I don’t have an OT any longer, but if anyone needs clarification I can try setting this up with my MDUW or MNM sometime this week to work out some kinks or discrepancies to make up for my shoddy memory (don’t take weird, unresearched drugs, kids).


This is actually as easy as right clicking any knob/dial/fader in your Reaktor ensembl, choosing “Learn Midi/OSC” and then twiddling the MIDI CC knob on the MNM :slight_smile: (enjoy the colors :wink:


New update with new Blocks available. Get it while it’s coldiak.


they look fantastic


While using Reaktor, I’d always think back fondly on Zebras morphing modulator: so glad to see it here now.

And I was salivating over a Loquelic Iteritas: the Duality might be quench my thirst.


the Loquelic Iteritas looks fantastic too :slight_smile:
While you mention Zebra. I somehow miss it. There is a new GUI coming. I should use it again, great synth.


Summer of sound sale has arrived. It’s time to upgrade…:slight_smile:


Sample Reaktor into the DT. Curious.


…while MIDI sequencing Reaktor with DT…delicious.


The Reaktor Blocks update hit yesterday and they’re prettttty good


My thoughts exactly! Jumped on board the minute the email came through!


How much?


£80 for me to update up to Komplete 11. I was on 9 so getting a few things. And really looking forward to seeing how I use things like Reaktor with digitakt


Thats pretty decent price.


Really interested to see where NI go with Reaktor + Blocks go? or is this just more a DJ dance push with Traktor etc?


this sounds really good, already found it on the NI website

I hope ‘next chapter’ for NI is to swap Maschine Studio to a standalone version of Maschine Mk2


Not sure why NI would ever make a stand-alone controller - the Maschine software is moving towards being a DAW and they’ve invested a lot in it.


I think so too
Maschine 3 will have a ‘timeline’ DAW mode…

but I think they want to have an expensive maschine, like Studio is right now…
and then I can imagine it will be standalone, otherwise it will be difficult to ask 1000 euro


If the company name ”Native Instruments” still means what it did when they started out, they will never abandon the computer CPU (no standalone). AFAIK NI:s vision has always been about embracing Moores law and the rapid improvement/evolution of computer processing power.