Reaktor 6


Do you have an audio editor on your computer?


I have Audacity and Ableton Live Lite. I have not yet taken the time to learn ableton, but will at some stage.


i think in the reaktor user libary you can find a slicer. can’t find it right now, but once there was a video by Matt Celetti about it.


Reaktor Library “L3” Slicer


OT MIDI >> USB midi interface >> Reaktor ensemble (softsynth) >> computer audio out >> OT audio in

In addition to the note sequencer, each OT midi track has 10 controllers that can be mapped to one or more Reaktor controls of your choice. Good times!


Speaking of Reaktor, does anyone know if something like the Korg Wavestation exists as a reaktor ensemble? I’m really digging the wavestation synth architechture ATM, but also frustrated by the fact that you are limited to the PCM waveform data Korg developed for it. If I could use my own samples with something like the wvastation, it’d be killer!


Thanks, this is great.


Was in the process of building something until I got sidetracked a few days ago.


That sounds like a huge undertaking! If you manage to pull something like that off, do let us know! rsp


I’m not aware of a Reaktor ensemble that does this, but it probably exists-I’d post this question on the Reaktor forum if I were you.

However, you’re not alone in wanting something like this. Here’s a quote from an article Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle, Chris & Cosey) wrote about the original Wavestation:


Yeah, funny I just read that same bit today

But yeah, I really dig the workflow for making “minimal” compositional elements by layering the (up to) 32 wavesequences. No microtiming but flexible enough grids, and every layer is polymetric by default! It’s a bit tedious but works well for me. Having access to my own sampledata would be the icing on the cake, and would make this kind of synth a beast!


You would think this would be an option for the shiny new iWAVESTATION. But noooooooooooo (or, at least, I havent seen it mentioned.) I (plan to) use my ASR10 this way.

Reaktor chops, wavetables and DP4 FX. Mmmmmmmm :stew:


So you use the UM One with the Octatrack?


FWIW, I did mention the sample thing to Nick Kwas from Korg, along with a couple other suggestions for iWavestation (first and foremost, the ability to select discrete channels instead of Omni mode). His focus is on hardware, but he did say he would pass my suggestions along to the software team, so…who knows?


If I had FB I would be flaming them about it thrice daily.


I found the best way to work with R6 + AR was using both via Overbridge in Live.

Then after completing the composition, render/record 1 bar or 2 bar segments of the R6 audio and drop that into the Rytm project directly with SDS Drop (for MacOS) , for live stage /computer-free performance.

This is the exact kind of scenario that illustrates the need for sample transfer capability in Overbridge. But in the meantime, SDS Drop is nifty enough.


yeah, I dunnot understand why Korg is feeling so “prescious” of their legacy PCM walled gardens either. Even the M1 would be dope if you could upload your own PCMs. I feel like Korg is either planning for a remake of these instruments some time in the future, or they are just blind to the fact that their PCM boxes also have huge appeal outside of their sound selections.

When trawling through the internet for past clues, seems like custom PCMs never took off in a big way for these machines even when they were new. Either people couldn’t be arsed to customize their content or Korg made sure it would be a painful and difficult road to do so.

But ahem, sorry for the partial off-topicness… Carry on.


I can see how custom content would have been a chore back in the day…

But these days? It’s ready to go. Korg just needs to unleash it.


Is anyone using a Monomachine (or MD) to control Reaktor 6 ensembles? I have run into some oddities in my current setup:

MM -> MIDI IN/OUT via M-Audio-USB -> Ableton Live Lite (macOS)-> Reaktor 6

The basic signal flow is ok, I can select any of the six MIDI tracks on the MM and drop a VST/AU into Live and control it from the MM. However, when I do a live recording on the MM the midi signal just disappears, and the only way to reconnect things is by deleting the strip and dropping in a new plugin, which will then immediately pick up the fragments of the recorded MIDI from the MM…


Maybe something like xfer Serum would do it? It’s a wavetable synth that I believe let’s you import your own - suppose it depends what Wavestation features you dig - Serum has