Reaktor 6


No standalone. They probably want to start a cloud based subscription service.


Why would they go standalone. No need for standalone these days.
Their software is developed. The hardware is readily available.
Grab a laptop and a good controller e.g. maschine or KK in NI’s case.
Much more powerful than anything they could produce standalone


A standalone DC coupled through box with faders and sliders would be kind of amazing for use with Blocks.


Maybe no need, but certainly attractive. A small-medium sized, Euroackable unit would be massively popular, imo.


Mmm…sounds good in theory but much easier said than done I would think.
Reaktor 6 is an absolute beast of a synth and can’t see how this could possibly be ported to a ‘small-medium sized euro unit’ :thinking:


Reaktor 6 standalone may look something similar to this :smiley:


I just can’t see NI going into Eurorack. Everyone gets a beer if I’m wrong.

Edit: that doesn’t include them bringing out a DC-coupled audio interface for use with Blocks, which I think is more than likely.


Yeah a dedicated Reaktor to euro in and out CV converter box would be insane.
Being able to fire CV from reaktor to euro and vice versa would be next level stuff


That’s what I am saying, a cost effective DC interface unit with either built in pads, faders and knobs. Like a monome or midi twister.


Details aside, isn’t that exactly what Nord G2 is?

I think it’s well within NI’s means to make a Nord Micro-sized unit with some pots, knobs and CV inputs and outputs.


Nord G2 is a standalone modular synth but is still fundamentally driven via the computer software. Quasi standalone i guess you would say.
I have owned the G2 twice, the best hardware synth ever but is pretty useless without a computer and the software program
There were rumours at one point a Nord G3 was being developed with a full array of CV in/out to communicate with euro but just a fantasy unfortunately


Hmm if you ask me this all sounds like shallow marketing speak for: “we’re investing in a bunch of online and cloud based services, possibly even a subscription model. Because that is where the real money is. And we are so confident of this, we’ve taken out a massive loan from the bank to help us to do it”


Adobe have made huge profits from having subscription based offerings. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if other companies involved in ‘content creation’ copied Adobe’s model.
We might see Komplete 12 being offered for 10 euros a month plus storage for content you’ve created plus some kind of licensing of your work.


Ah. I think I understand the difference between the two.

Idk. I’m not a developer by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t see it being an issue for NI.

Is Maschine operable stand-alone or only hooked to a computer?


I think you can make Maschine standalone iirc. Pretty sure I’ve seen guys playing on stage alone with it.

Making Reaktor “standalone” is kind of oxymoronic because Reaktor’s strength is in it’s modularity. You would need an infinite amount of ins, outs, connectors in the real world because Reaktor has the capacity to be infinite. Same with something like Kontakt - having a standalone with it would defeat the purpose of having new libraries that would take up more and more RAM as they get bigger and more complex.


No maschine isn’t standalone.
It needs a host computer to operate.


some people (like drum and bass dj Icycle) uses a mac mini without a screen, to make it work like a “standalone” drumcomputer…


Maschine is nothing but a MIDI controller. It can’t operate standalone. What you’ve probably seen is people with a laptop stashed away beneath the booth.


You’re right. I could have sworn I saw a guy in NYC playing dubstep who opened for The Orb using just Maschine but I must have been mistaken. And dubstep opening for The Orb went over about as well as you might think… :wink:


that already exists, I do it every day. Expert sleepers ES8. There are further solutions, but for the ES8 you only need one USB connection. 8Cvs or audio from reaktor to your modular, 4 Cvs or audio back to reaktor. Works without any issues