Reaktor 6


Also there is the expert sleepers es 8, for instant connection with Reaktor, Max etc. But it’s quite expensive.
I love Reaktor Blocks. I was thinking about the connection with Eurorack quite a while. Isn’t it kind of groundbreaking? Especially for starting a modular. You could just buy some great oscillators for example and use all the utilities and modulation modules from Blocks. But it’s not that much discussed in the forums.
This guy Michael Hetrick has build tons of awesome blocks inspired by eurorack modules. he explains connecting Reaktor via a DC coupled interface in this video.


Ah you mentioned the ES 8 while I was writing my comment :slight_smile:


The ES-8/ES-3 or whatever is a pretty smart way to do it for sure, and I definitely appreciate what Os does (have a Disting in my rack and a USAMO on the way for syncing my computer with my hardware). But it really seems like a hardware box from NI would be logical with how they’ve designed R6, so hopefully my pipe dreams come to be…in fact, I think I’m going to fire off an email to NI now.

And Michael Hetrick does amazing work. Everyone should get on the user library and download his module collection if they want a constant source of inspiration.


I either record TB3/A4 using OT or directly record plugins in Ableton. Then I prepare sample chains in Ableton and transfer that to OT.
That’s it. Easy workflow, but a lot of work if you have a lot of material.



Buuuuuut what about Reaktor? :slight_smile:


Should I be gassin for this software? Feelin it.


Same story with Reaktor. No dedicated hardware, all controlled from touchpad, directly recorded as loops in Ableton.
Btw, you probably don’t need to learn how to build new ensembles. You can do so much with just a Blocks.


Cool. Thanks.

Yeeaaahhh I’m definitely losing it to just Blocks. Though I’ll eventually learn how to incorporate the Factory. It doesn’t seem some of that kind of stuff is available in Blocks.


Bought Reaktor 6 over the weekend on the half price special. Firstly Blocks is great and opens up the computer with the same patching ethos for external modular gear, good bit of kit to have with a minimal Euro / Semi Modular setup to extend the capabilities, extra LFO’s gates, sequencers, quantizers etc.
The best part of blocks is, it is so easy and quick to patch up various things. I like that it is like a blank canvas and you can just go nuts with modules and pull things in and out and augment on the fly.
Definitely need to invest in a good controller for hands on tweaking to make the most of it or a cheap DC coupled interface. Or Both!!!

And Reaktor itself has great powerful synth engines I have discovered. For me it was like wow, this is really great value.

As others have said, NI would have to be bringing something out soon surely, utter madness if they don’t. Maybe Namm. I will wait and see before I splurge on a costly Motu device.


and most important. The blocks sound really great on their own.


When it was originally announced I actually thought the modular next to it (which is patched for decoration only btw) was a physical manifestation of the Blocks themselves - a module with a digital Monark fiter, for example - and thought “Huh. Now that’s nifty.”


This is 83 euros in switzerland. Definitely buying.


[quote=“xidnpnlss, post:44, topic:14576”]
There’s an open enrollment until Dec 20. I don’t have to do the assignments, right? It is video based? My synthesis knowledge has just been turning knobs and learning here and there. Would you recommend it to put it all together? [/quote]

You can sign up to audit the course, which is free - only difference is that you can’t upload the projects to get them graded. It’s video based, you can do it more or less at your own pace, thought it was great personally, both as a synthesis 101 and for leaning the software.


So I bought Reaktor 6 and have had a play with it, so far so good just trying out other ensembles available through the user library. Im keen to understand how many of you are using it specifically with OT. Is it a matter of just making some interesting sounds and recording them, transferring them to OT as samples? Help.


Did you start outputting your wave forms in your DAW and import it into the OT yet? I’m about to get reaktor 6 right now and the first thing I will practice is making basic 1 bar loops so I can drop it into push2 or the OT


I don’t use a DAW. I think you can save .wav files in Reaktor 6. So was just going to output wav files directly from Reaktor 6 to OT.


That works. I’m just using reaktor6 as a sound generator. The OT is the slicing room with reshaping and regrooving. It’s gonna be my drone generator. Do you normalize before going in the OT or you go in with the raw wav ?


Anyone using Reaktor6 to create sample for the AR? How is it?


I dont know havent tried it yet :slight_smile: Im new to all this.


you can create all kinds of drum sounds in Reaktor 6, but reaktor does not provide sample slicing so you need probably some other tool to prepare the samples before they get into RYTM. Advantage of OT is they can be sliced in the machine.