Q: is Organelle new Nord Modular G2


Compared with Nord, graphical patch editor is way more advanced for Organelle. No need for computer, just directly connect HDMI monitor and you are good. Using G2 editor tekes me out of the flow.


How’s the sound quality? 16 bit? :face_with_monocle:


I also get really interested in the organelle now with the orac. But yeah, looks quite menu divy.


Once a patch is set up with a MID controller you needn’t menu dive at all. But if used standalone, you are obviously limited to the 4 pots. Nanokontrol2 + Orac is a thing of beauty.


I’m definitely planning on hooking my MIDI Fighter Twister into this system, with its 16 push-enabled encoders I imagine it can take care of the more fiddly stuff.


hmm. If this stuff was out 2 years ago, I might have resisted getting into eurorack.
Still more hands on I guess.
But my main soundsources are digital mutables which will be all implemented in organelle and vcv rack…

How good are modulation sources on Organelle so far?


I run a Sound Devices Mix Pre D as a sound card with mine so sounds pretty good to me!


If you ask about lfo/mod modules in orack, there are none as yet… but this will come in time. There is a nice moog type filter module with its own internal cutoff lfo, but this first set of modules is just a peek of what will be converted to fit in the orack format.
If you mean generally how good modulation of parameters can be on organelle, it can be razor sharp, bpm syncd, smooth as you like.


Not to derail the thread too much, but it reminded me of this: http://electro-music.com/forum/topic-55648.html


TF is wrong with people?

One can bypass the internal DAC? Nice.

I mean are we at a point now that Plaits will just soon be porteds? Is that’s what’s happening?


The code for all MI modules is open source and porting is relatively straightforward for those in the know. For me, not at all straightforward!

So I guess all modules could be ported in theory.


Modulation busses will come in v1.1 apparently and I fully expect to see LFO modules, etc. For now though you can already modulate anything with anything else but you need to get your hands dirty with Pd.


Not their analog ones :grin:


Sorry, I thought all MI modules were digital, my mistake! MI analogue nodules:


I don’t know if very soon, but it would be a surprise if it won’t happen.


I think Oliver releases the code after the first batch is sold? And it has, so…



In what way is it way more advanced?


All fun and hyperbole aside, here’s the manual. This explains a lot.



you don’t need another software platform to access this software platform


Hi guys,

I was looking around for some small and interesting synth and I stumble onto the Organelle.
I looked at the website and found that it has quite a lot of modules to work with and with thetechnobar patch of Orac, it seem that it could be a powerful and interesting synth and the possibilities of adding patching built in PD. (I’ve used Maxmsp before, so it would take slight adjustments to get use to PD)
So I was wondering if anyone out there is using the Organelle with the Digitakt and what are your comments on the workflow, sound creation and usability of the organelle or in tandem with DIgitakt.