Possible to calculate what pitch to assign a sample to match project tempo?

Hi! I have a 102 bpm sample and would like to avoid trial & error when tuning the pitch of the sample in order to make it fit the project tempo, which is 124 bpm. Is there a way to calculate what tuning-settings I need to assign in order to make a one bar 102 bpm sample turn into a 124 bpm one bar sample? Hope I’m making myself clear.


Adding 1 semitone multiplies the tempo by 2^(1/12), 2 semitones by 2^(2/12), etc…
Substracting 1 semitone divides the tempo by 2^(1/12), 2 semitones by 2^(2/12), etc…

In your case you have to reverse that, I don’t know how :smile:, but it is doable empirically.

3,381245 semitones is pretty close!
=123,9999525771 bpm

Edit : I found this online calculator, same result! :content:


I think that’s it, thanks for asking! :content:

X (semitones) = 12 log (BPM A / BPM B) / log (2)

12 log (124/102) / log (2) = 3,3812516208 semitones



You can use software like melodyne, which is really great to work on this kind of samples.

But ja ! Nice question and nice response ^^

Great, thanks a lot!

Follow up question, according to the calculation above I should pitch the sample to -3 right? But does anyone know how the decimals in the calculation translates to the fine tune parameter?

+3 semitones
Fine tune +63 corresponds to 1 semitone. So I’d try 63x0.38=24
Not sure if it’s linear…

Awesome! I’m out traveling but will try this the coming weekend. Thanks again!

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