Portable Speaker Recommendation

Hello, i am looking for a portable speaker to take with me in a trip, will be used for playing music from my laptop & spent time with OT…
Any recommendations~??

I use a minirig + minirig sub myself. Its pretty decent, but a bit on the expensive side. I bet there are alot decent low-cost alternatives these days, but since I’ve been content with my minirigs for the past 3-4 years, haven’t been researching any alternatives.

Not as portable as the mini rigs (and even more on the expensive side) is the Audio Pro Add-on C3.
I have one and it’s great.

either JBL Xtreme or anything Marshall.
i like the sound of Marshall more, but YMMV

Bose Soundlink 2 is the best - that’s why I bought it.

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Yeah, another Bose Soundlink mini 2 here. Away from studio I wanted a little consumer portable speaker that wasnt complete crap, not bothered bout waterpoofness.

Aux in plus bluetooth. Tiny bit hiss on noisefloor on aux but really not an issue.

Great build, goes real low for such a tlttle chap. Scooped a little mids but really enjoyable/detailed for various styles and casual listening. As a plus it will show up a mix with too much sub and bass straight away!

Amazon Echo

I use a JBL Flip 4. The Charge 3 is a better option, but for the price I got it for it’s fantastic.


I got myself a Boombox 2, and while the sound is not transparent, far from it, it does the job.
Very solid!

also in this thread some suggestions:

btw: I didn’t buy a portable box - could not make the correct decision

i decided for the minirig minis. not bad at all at lower volumes. nice stereo of course because you can place them left and right of your equipment, that´s why i decided for them. should have got the bigger ones because the minis are not loud enough for little outdoor parties. could add the sub but i won´t because i think i´ll find a better solution for the all in all price.

I have Denon Envaya DSB-250BT which is a beast. But the thing is so small, physically chasis can’t handle bass. When you’re holding it, you can feel the thing itself is vibrating like crazy so you have to set on hard floor. I remember I was trying to set on top of my books and it was tumbling all over the place when I tried to punch in some bass kicks -happens on near max level volume though. Also if you have like keys etc on table, they’ll start to vibrate as well -which is annoying.

I ended up placing it in a safe and acoustically nice place in my living room it just for spotify and got some cheap and small monitors for production. Either way you won’t regret it.

oh, it’s also waterproof.

I’ve used both a Bose Soundlink and an older Jambox I bought before the Bose came out. The Jambox is fine, but the Bose is really nice and has good bass; it’s worth splurging for if you can afford it.

None of these have flat frequency response — don’t expect them to be like monitors, of course. You may find you need to EQ slightly differently when playing on one.

IK Multimedia iLoud (not the micro stereo) anybody?

+1 for the JBL Flip. I use an older Flip 2 that is still running strong! Not much bass , but a good all around sound. Affordable too.

I have the iloud and the micro monitors. Both are great. Highly recommend the iloud, and I also use a Bose color SoundLink that works great.

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I just tried my Digitakt through a JBL Flip 3 (headphone out to aux in)

It has a steep cutoff starting at about 100Hz, but it would be fine for general listening or working on sequences. In fact, I’ll probably take it and the Digitakt with me for a beach getaway I have coming up.

I use the Sony xb20, good enough for what I need though I think they have been superseded with new products

I have the IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors and their carry bag, been to many trips with them. They are fantastic.

I also have the Sony XB20 mentioned above. It’s a good options if space is tight, but the sound quality is a joke compared to the iLouds.