Polyphonic Digitakt via Retrokits RK-002 cable?


Thank you! And yes :slight_smile:

I want to get a keystep. Seems like the perfect companion because of its great chord arp en sequence capabilities.

edit: One thing to wonder: It has to power the rk-002 over midi. Have to find out if the keystep does that.


thats sick :sunglasses:

yea good point about the power.

edit: it should work according to this…
and with beatstep pro too.



Yes :slight_smile: Nice. i asked the rk-002 creators Retrokits. It does work indeed BUT you cannot update the firmware or change the settings of the rk-002 through the keystep (it filters Sysex messages), so that’s good to know as well. If you want to change settings or change the firmware you need another interface. I almost have a video ready on how to do this in detail. Will be released this evening or tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Just got the keystep, it’s pretty lovely. Much more sturdy than i thought, and really playable for having those small keys. And fairly cheap, that’s never wrong :slight_smile:


Maybe you can write a script with conditions for changes when receiving a Prog Change or CC…


Hi fellow Elektronauts,

First of all thank you for the very kind responses on my previous demonstration. Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I now uploaded the video where I thoroughly go through setting up the digitakt and rk-002 to work as a poly synth. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have additional questions. Happy to help.

If you want to see more videos (un)like this, you can subscribe to my channel here: https://m.youtube.com/#/c/Davemech?sub_confirmation=1


thanks a bunch! quick question. so if you use the cable and only want say…4 voices of polyphony, can you still use the other 4 tracks for drums and other sounds? I assume the channels you’re using for the voices are unavailable once you assign them to the cable?


I was about to reply, and then realised I don’t know anything about that cable :smiley: But, if you use that Max for Live patch which is mentioned in this thread, you can send out midi to however many channels you want, up to 8 of course.


Just a thought :
I have this huge prehistoric Mep4 Yamaha midi processor since 20 years. Released in 1986 apparently. Given by a friend. :slight_smile:
At first : wtf I can do with this thing…last year triggering slices of OT (before EPP)

Happy to have smallest solutions !


I’m not gonna lie, that was confusing :smiley: But it would seem it should be possible to use it to trigger the digitakt as a four voice polysynth at least. And then have four channels free for whatever else you would want.


I think so. Even with a channel 1-8 script, you should be able to set midi channels as you like on DT, and play 4 notes…


But are you talking about sending Max for live script through the mep4? Because with that script you can just chose to send to channels 1-4 on the DT.


I thought you were talking about the channel split in general. Not sure you can do it with Mep4, because there’s no conditions.

Max, Rk002, Mep4 or anything, that’s midi processing. I still prefer hardware. Mep4 is getting very old, after years of glory without opponents in a small world.


Yes! That’s how I use it. Super nice. :ok_hand:


Yes you can choose less midi channels at the polymux setting :slight_smile:

Check out the other video I made for a thorough demo of it all. You will get a better idea how it all works with assigning single cycle waveforms and such.


ugh…i can’t seem to get it to work…maybe i’m just dense though. I tried to set it up exactly as you said but I was using my Moog Sub Phatty instead of an audio interface. I know the Moog can receive sys files so I thought that would be ok? I have no way of knowing if things worked correctly after I set RK-002 settings, so it’s hard to know where i’m going wrong. I also tried going strictly through the Sub Phatty with just the orange part of the cable connected (tried connecting to both IN and OUT) and when i was done hooked it up to the digitakt and got nothing.

I’m clearly doing something wrong but i’m not sure what…any ideas?


I use a midi monitor software to check midi processing.
Are you sure Sub Phatty can send sys with midi out ?
Thru settings in sub phatty ?


yeah i’m not really sure on that…i’ll have to look into it. I don’t have a lot of options for midi controllers since the keystep won’t work for the sys. trying to work with what I have! Maybe the Moog can’t do that though…


There are cheap midi interfaces…


Yeah I may have to try something else…anyone else have something cheap that they know works with the RK-002? Or will the Digitakt be able to update the cable on it’s own once overbridge comes out?