Polyphonic Digitakt via Retrokits RK-002 cable?


Dt can’t be used as a midi interface already ?


I don’t think you can update the settings on the cable with just the digitakt currently…unless i’m mistaken.


I hadn’t thought of using the Digitakt as a midi interface! Would that be more of sending midi from the daw to a midi channel/vice versa?


That didn’t work for me. DT doesn’t function as a midi interface yet as far as I know.

Seems like sub fatty doesn’t send Sysex either. If the cable doesn’t so anything, the settings are probably not changed :(. Maybe get a second hand cheap audio interface? Anything with USB and midi ports will do. It’s really sad Arturia doesn’t let the keystep send Sysex…


Thanks DaveMech, your last video got the RK working for me just as it should.
I can’t get it to work from an external keyboard though. Is that likely to be because it doesn’t power the cable?


Hi Brisket,

Probably yes. Sadly not every midi controller can provide midi power.



it’d be amazin if you could record all 8 tracks sequences simultaneously to the DT sequencer while playing poly with the rk002.

feature wishlist no. 2076 :smile:


Does someone know if it´s possible to programm the cable so, that it´s only alternating between channels that are not actually pressed. This way you could hold a chord and still play a melodie without stealing the notes from the chord?


It is possible to program it totally.
Midipal has several poly modes. I think it’s possible to do it with Rk002. The poly sketch should be avaible for edition soon I hope.


would be great, because you cannot really “play” polyphonically if the chords “break” everytime the cable starts counting from channel 1 again.


Can you record the notes you play into the DT sequencer or does the cable just let you play the DT live?


I read the DT could record multimbrally. True ?
If so you can record.

With a merger I think you can play and record in DT midi traks (4 voices).


so you mean retrokits is already working on it? Or what do you mean by poly sketch?


@grit told me that the script / sketche for poly (midi channel splitting) would be avaible for editing in the new firmware.

These can be edited :


finally managed to get to a usb interface and got the retrokits cable set up. so cool! One question…do I NEED to have the digitakt involved if I just want to update the settings on the cable? Or can I just plug one end of it into the audio interface, adjust settings and go? Just wondering if you HAD to have another device involved when you set it up or not…



Well, it’s not needed no, as long as the audio interface can distribute midi power to the rk-002. Best thing to do in this case is just try and see if it works :). Any device that supports midi power will do. It’s just not very clear which devices exactly do.

Let’s hope OB for digitakt comes soon and hope it makes the DT act like a midi interface. Then we only need the digitakt to set it up.


could you do DT midi loopback and use the rk-002 & midicontroller simultaneously with a midi merge box?
ive never used a merge before.


In theory yes. A midi merge box just alternate midi messages…

Worked for me with Octatrack. I heard there were freezes with midi loopback and DT.
Maybe it works perfectly now ?


Can the RK002 be configured to take 8 midi notes on a single midi channel and convert each note to a different midi channel?
For example:
Note E1 midi channel 1 becomes Note E1 midi channel 1 (no change)
Note F1 midi channel 1 becomes Note F1 midi channel 2
Note G1 midi channel 1 becomes Note G1 midi channel 3


Is this the one? Seems to have flown under my radar.