Polyend Tracker


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The ten buttons immediately above the Jog-Wheel are labelled:
Up Arrow
Red ??? ADDED: Rec (TY HMB)
Left Arrow
Down Arrow
Right Arrow

I don’t understand Red? although it’s colored red and the word “Red” has a box around it, the other labels don’t. Any thoughts?

I think Red is Rec, record


:palms_up_together: :dark_sunglasses::red_circle::large_blue_circle: to go full matrix one must eat both pills


Sure that’s it. Hold My Glasses.


I am just starting to put my Nerdseq at the center of à MIDI rig. I’ll hold the horses for now and wait to know more about this beast.


wonder how note input is done without a querty keyboard. trackers being all about rapid hex keyboard shortcuts - it’ll be very interesting to see what’s the buzz with input on this :slight_smile:


So too bad no one found a manual on the Polyend site !

Any guess on a release date – i say it will be a while, summer sometime – but that’s pure spec fiction on my part.

(ADDED: I misunderstood, but now i understand what you are saying. So treat the following goof kindly please.)

While i was looking at the Digikey site for the cost on TFT screens i noticed that the screens with touch weren’t too much more expensive. Hows that for a wild rumor? But then you don’t need the buttons below the screen so i doubt it’s touchscreen.

You could also easily use the matrix buttons for typing in a mode.

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I think summer is a good guess. Announce it this month, full display at Superbooth, shipping in late spring, early summer. Although in the article, it sounded like they were going to have it announced in autumn last year, so maybe they waited on the announcement to hit the ground running, and it will be available sooner? Could be that they are ready to roll and just waiting for NAMM to blow over, and hit the lull between NAMM and Superbooth to get them out there.

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Hell they could be ready to ship middle of March if they did things that way, but isn’t it a usual custom for most makers to announce stuff early/early.

What’s Polyend’s history for announcements?

Those buttons look the same as the rubber ones on Medusa
No click , but still usable.
, if it’s a modern Amiga style tracker it could have a lot of interest.


I think that sometimes products are announced early, but not always. Off the top of my head, I remember the Digitone was announced the day it was available. The original Korg Minilogue popped up for sale the week it was announced. And recently the Model:Cycles had just a 5 day teaser before it was available for purchase. I am not sure of Polyend’s history of releases though.

I just dug through @Ess 's tracker thread… I came to electronic music from DAWs in the early 00’s.

Can anyone recommend good tutorials/resources for understanding trackers? There’s a lot of info out there, but can any of you relate it to modern sequencer or DAW concepts? The teasers of this thing have my eyebrow piqued… trying to decide if my brain should follow that eyebrow!

Remember the R and D for the software will probably be the largest part of the cost. This looks very promising


8 tracks from the number of buttons under the screen?

Talking per unit costs, it could be the smallest cost too. Depends on volume. Software is free beyond the initial investment.

Probably at Polyend volume, it will be a relatively small cost.

I agree with you Zifor though on this in the initial cost budget, software development costs will be substantial.

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I wonder how many units they do per batch. We will soon see!