Polyend Tracker Mini

Note to self April 14th at the earlyest, and even that is a stretch


any videos on the tracker mini doing performance mode with external midi controllers?

it seems that no one has done it yet.

Haven’t had to adjust my hand position at all. Every is reachable with two thumbs. Very intuitive UI and having the various plus and minus buttons is actually quicker to work with than the old jog wheel.

Ports on the bottom make sense as most of the time you are holding it. Means no cables getting in the way.


for those that have it, does the class compliant USB audio also allow sending audio to the tracker mini for sampling?

Currently no. And there is not enough info atm, if that could be supported in the future.

Oh this is huge!

The lack of USB audio was a big problem on the original and was a hardware limitation.
All they need to do now is add 8 MIDI only tracks to go with the Audio ones like a Digitakt and it will be an instabuy for me.

oh well… bit of a shame but no deal breaker.

it briefly got me excited because i thought you could resample through plugins with the ipad until i realized that you can’t sample while playing audio anyway lol.

still great for tracking out finished songs to give them that extra polish later on.

Oh that’s a shame, I absolutely want to sample my iOS synths with it.

We shall see. I mean there are still two channels reserved for the future (seen here: Polyend Tracker Mini - #1399 by rotallytuined). :man_shrugging:

Or maybe it is actually possible and we don’t know. But as it stands as of Firmware 1.0.0 - no dice.

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There is one problem with “videos from real users” that has to do more with the video camera than with the Mini. Most videos that we have seen so far show the Mini on the table, but I bet most people use the Mini holding it with both hands, not on a surface. However, to record a video, it is easier to put the Mini on the table, and that won’t show how the same person actually uses the device.

I’m waiting for someone to record a Mini performance with a GoPro or similar on their head. :slight_smile: That will show how they are really using it.


I was actually considering doing some standing or holding shots. But it was just way to freaking warm that day :laughing: and nobody wants to see my sweaty fingers across the shiney shiney :laughing:

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Anyone on the fence needing an extra excuse/push my brother states that ‘the zip on the case is the smoothest most sensual mechanism I’ve ever experienced’ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Who can resist?


An m1 MacBook Air is an amazing portable solution. You can do everything on it. I’m not sure I follow this.

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I can’t explain how great it is to have the Tracker in this format. I just did my commute to work and jammed with samples I made from my Syntakt last night.


Any chance you already tried to play it connected with the Syntakt also ? Are Pattern Change on time via midi ?

I still have the OT and the Tracker at home but I am thinking of flipping both to stay just with the Syntakt and the Tracker Mini as a good middle ground.


No midi implemented yet. I really like using the tracker as a basic sampler as it makes me think differently about audio playback.

I also like the idea of generating quick ideas with it on the train

Anyone here owning both the PTM and the Syntakt? Curious to hear if they can talk to each other over USB like the iPad can. So, using a usb-c-to-b cable between the two and eg using the PTE as a midi slave and triggering samples via a midi track on the Syntakt and getting the PTE audio as the Syntakt’s USB audio in.

One of the two needs to be a USB host (the iPad is, that’s why it and Tracker can communicate).

None of the Elektron boxes are USB hosts (I haven’t checked the Syntakt specifically, but I’ll be surprised if it deviates from all the other elektron boxes). So unless the Tracker is a USB host this won’t work.

Does the tracker product page or manual mention anything about this?

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