Pioneer Toraiz SP-16


Which reminds me (going slightly off topic here) do you prefer the OTmkII to the mkI? Would you say it was worth the upgrade?


I checked and it is still 64 slices maximum.


In fact i sold it for the moment not to lose at least one year of warranty while i write my tracks for my Live … As I had the MK1 and i know it (at least as i intend to use it) I will buy it at the time of the preparation of the live … For the moment i will write the content with AR, A4 and Bitwig (which replaces the OT on 7 Bus audio) … i will then export the 7 Audio bus in stems and think to how i will mangle those textures, soundscapes & Noises but i already have precise idea with trig conditions to add some harnessed chaos inside.

I made my point before to say i not sold it because unhappy. Quite the opposite in fact… I do think the new additions are very cool especially new buttons for workflow, really dig the Precise hi-res encoders on every mk2 models…

With these little thing and in addition, i prefer to go LIVE with some years of warranty (at least 2 years) i would take the OT MK2 in anyway in this regards. For those, who keep at studio i don’t know…

But OT is the way for me as i export huge long audio materials (with things randomly generated), that’s the only device where i can stream those crazy thing from the Compact Flash Card.


Exactly there is some feedback surfacing about the DJS-1000 being more inspiring to work with


I suspect that feedback is from DJs.
Which, I suppose, is worth something.
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Tried some sampling on the Toraiz, a real pleasure compared to most other hardware samplers, the on screen keyboard for naming speeds things up considerably, the input stage has a massive range and sounds very nice. Even if the sequencer was no good it would almost be worth owning the SP-16 just to capture samples quickly without a computer, I always find sampling a bit of a ball ache but the SP-16 does it conveniently and with great sounding results. No snap to zero but the combination of display and listening somewhat negates this omission.

One thing that I did notice was that all samples are saved in the current project folder in a folder called SAVED, so I will probably have a dedicated project on USB drive called sampling to use for capturing samples, then when finished simply put the USB drive in my PC for moving the samples into folders by category.


I finally took the A4 MK2 off the shelf (waiting for the sound locks to be improved) and linked it up to the DJS. While I could probably keep going, it took me 5 minutes before work to come up with this little jam. I’m off to work though…these Pioneer boxes sure are fast to get ideas going


Yes for me. The new screen is so much better and I really like the new buttons. Extra buttons/workflow, is nice bonus too.


Hi everyone, longtime lurker here.

I need to run stems playback for a live act.
My question is how practical is it to chop up stems into one shot section to be triggered on the SP16?
I don’t need flexibility, the songs could pretty much play through as they were written.

Is it possible to use the sequencer to trigger a long sample, and then move to the next song ‘section’ where there is no trigger, allowing a long sample to play itself out?
This question has been asked a few times on the thread but I can’t see a definite answer.

Many thanks


Not really with the Pioneer - the max pattern length is 64 steps, you can only have 16 samples per scene, each scene can contain upto 16 patterns, you could use slices to achieve it by having say a 8 bar sample (as long as less than 64 seconds) and slice it into 2 parts, first part plays slice 1 on pattern 1 , second part plays slice 2 on pattern 2.

I’d say if you can live with only 8 tracks playing at a time (you could make stems of multiple parts) then the Octatrack is better for this particular application.


Thanks for the reply Daren. The Octatrack looks much better for stems, but I was hoping to get more than 4 outputs separated. Looks like the SP16 would be really fiddly though.


Yes I think the SP is better suited to short loops/1 shots personally, it is a nice machine but for anything longer than 4 bar loops you’ll be swimming against the tide really.


Thoughts on the SP16 after 2 weeks of ownership

  • (I paid $740 and came in on OS 1.4)
    -Best sounding converters I’ve heard on
    a box yet (opinion) some might just say it sounds
    full and clear.
  • Amazingly you cannot record automation in realtime yet. I know, it’s a head scratcher.
  • It PLocks and I like it
  • The filter sounds superb
  • The workflow is fun
  • Menu diving is shallow and fast
  • the effects except for the reverb were better than I would have guessed, on par with high end effects pedals or good cats. That’s a typo I meant VST’s.
  • Sampling is fast, but not being able to delete them without a computer is unbelievable
  • It’s almost shocking how simple and boring the device is on paper. Like I see it as a big brother to the volca sample. This is why I like it. It’s easy to get work done and complete unified ideas when you can only pick 16 sounds to work with at a time.
    -The compressor as a master effect is legit
  • Pioneer plan on developing it further but will not say how. I don’t think they want to underdeliver and ruin people’s lives anymore.
  • I love that you can just plug a synth into its inputs hit a few buttons and then have your kick drum side chaining that synth. Instant songwriting.
  • Turning quantize off and then recording a hand played beat is a joke. It will spit back weird as shit
    time shifts that are not what you played and it’s not in a good way if you ask me. MPC is snickering.
  • The swing and nudge on the machine are nice
  • It’s good for songwriting and can be surprisingly good for sound design and jamming. I love how fast it is to work on. The pads are good maybe even great once you adjust them to your liking in the settings
  • No one read this far


a both entertaining and informative report


Does the SP-16 have anything similar to the Neighbor Track functionality like the OT?


Firmware 1.5 released today.

Livelooping Only.

I think, myself included were hoping for some extra features on top. An extra effect slot, ability to make samples polyphonic.

I’m glad that I got a good price on the machine. It will be interesting to see what happens to second hand prices now, as some units were going for less than £600 on ebay.

Yet to install yet, but my plan is to feed live tracks from the digitakt in and assign them to the individual outputs and then record into cubasis on my ipad. Hopefully this is possible.


Thats a bad news… i plan to get it as second hand. But without FX2 Slot… I am not excited anymore by this piece of equipment… Maybe if prices go to 400-500€ i would get one in its current state.


At the same time, Gotharman has announced the littledeformer 3 :

It seems to tick all the box and much more … But I wonder how will be the workflow …
Lets see :slight_smile:


Hmm, even though it is a minor update at least it shows they are still supporting it.