Photography geeks, gather round!

After hijacking a @boboter’s post on his (awesome) new album, I figured this topic deserved its own thread.

It looks like there are quite a few photography fans around here, I’d love to see other people’s work and geek out a bit on photo gear, so feel free to share it here.

I’ll go first to break the ice: photography has been a big passion of mine for a few years now, I’ve kept an online photo diary since 2017, where I’ve also shared some photography articles:

I’m a confessed Fujifim fanboy and I’ve owned nearly a dozen Fuji cameras, but currently I just have the X-Pro3. I also use a Ricoh GrII and a couple of old film cameras occasionally (a Canon A1 and a Minolta Hi-Matic AF2). I have a thing for old vintage lenses, I love how their flaws make digital photography a little less “sterile”, for lack of a better term.

Enough rambling for now, share away your own photographic experiences!


Yeah, Covid definitely sucked for fans of street photography! That’s my favorite genre, but for the past year I’ve shot mostly just family/documentary stuff because we couldn’t go anywhere around here. I’m actually planning my first photowalk since last summer, I miss shooting on the streets though I’m not one to get up close and personal often.

The x100F - as all of the x100 series - is a brilliant camera, I miss mine… I sold it to fund the Ricoh GRII, which as the advantage of being even more portable, but the shooting experience was much nicer on the x100F.

Regarding the Leicas, I try to stay away from the heavy drugs, as a friend of mine used to say! :smile:


FWIW, my instagram. (I’m happy with what’s there, but it’s pretty short and evidently neglected).


Another big fan of documentary/street photography. The good stuff anyway. Don’t get too many chances to get out and do that sort of shooting these days but I’ve been having fun using my X100v for in-camera multiple exposure experiments.

Bought a few books last year. All three from Matt Stuart, Jesse Marlowe’s first book and Trent Parke’s latest: Crimson Line. They’re all great, but Crimson Line in particular is just so beautifully shot, designed and printed. It’s perhaps my favourite photo book right now.


Nice! Never heard of any of them to be honest, I’m going to look them up! :+1:
The last photography book I bought was right at the beginning of the pandemic: All about Saul Leiter and it’s one of my favorite photo books ever, not only for the photos, but also for his written thoughts and philosophies which are very unique and refreshing (IMO).


Nice, I’ve certainly heard of Saul Leiter, but not actually all that familiar with his work. I’ll consider this one.

He’s absolutely brilliant, his street work is completely different from anything I have ever seen in that genre. He’s like an abstract painter but with a camera!

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My mate does some photography. Mostly of spiders, fish and insects etc -


It would’ve been great, if only I was able to get there!
I know some professional photographers who had permits to move around during lockdown that got once in a lifetime shots of famous places completely empty.


Here’s mine. I need to spend time curating and adding the rest I just can’t be arsed. Drum programming is more fun.


I have been into macro myself for many years; mainly via focus stacking; kind of abandoned it for a few year where I gave a try to Underwater photography. Now I am back into macro, and I even got a couple of old microscopes

Anyway, I am uploading my work little by little on instagram


That sounds absolutely amazing. I would love to see some collections of what they shot.

I enjoy photography. I’ve done quite a bit of landscape and wildlife but the main driver is cave and cave diving photography (as well as climbing and mountaineering). A lot of it is taken on exploratory expeditions (eg Borneo, China, India etc) where we are trying to find and explore unknown caves…
I mostly use Nikon cameras. I have a few full frame cameras and quite a few lenses. Bizarrely, I still use a D3100 a lot as it is pretty indestructible - from high altitude to rainforests (getting wet, muddy and dusty). It’s also tiny, light and packs into a small container with loads of flashes. My best purchases are gitzo tripods (seems quite funny using a d3100 on a gitzo but it gets the best quality images). Favourite is an 0531 with RRS head…


Come on @brucegill

Anyone else find that the mere act of having a camera on you makes you start seeing the world and all its little, almost imperceptible details that much clearer? Like it really makes you appreciate a walk almost anywhere and gives you the motivation to get out of the house to see what you might find? That’s the true beauty of photography, at least for me, regardless of whether you take any shots or not. #fuckinghippycomments


Yes. It kind of feels like a passport for curiosity. However, I’d say that even if you don’t have a camera on you, photographers still notice things that other people just don’t even see.


Just asked my mate he says instagram best place to see his work -

Some nice shots in there. Are you using film? Some of the color pictures have a Portra look to them, and the grainy B&W shots in the street section are great.

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I did use film but got lazy. I’m lazy with processing. I’m just lazy. Lightroom is all lazy. I have no idea how they arrived at that end state I don’t pay much attention once I’ve released the shutter.

I just like to hold a nice camera and look at things most people think are ugly.


I’ve been using film again. We had a darkroom in school, years ago, and later I built one at home (or put a bench with an enlarger in a box room, anyway). Now I develop in the kitchen, and scan the negatives.

One cool thing about film is that I’ve been able to pick up some cameras for fairly cheap, ones that I always wanted when I was young but could never hope to afford. As long as you steer clear of the most fashionable models the prices are pretty good.

I have a Nikon F3 HP which I have coveted forever, but mostly I use a Nikon FE2, which is almost perfect.