Photography geeks, gather round!

I hear ya. I’m interested in an Olympus OM4 and OM3. Damn I lusted after them. And a Nikon F4. Dirt cheap now but… films a pain in the arse.

I kinda fancy a 5D.

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Wow, tremendous work here, absolutely loved it!

Are the color ones film or digital?


I don’t know. A mixture. The ones that are on film are Portra, Ektachrome, and whatever the pound store had in or whatever local shops had going cheap.

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You can check some of them here. There are similar compilations of empty cities all around the world, it’s pretty amazing. We’ll probably never see these places like this again in our lifetimes.

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Been shooting on Sony mirrorless for a few years now. Still only have two primes: sel35f14za and Batis 85.

The bulk of my work has been centered around covering for performing arts/ gigs. My leisure time is generally spent in nature. Though, I’ve been really wanting to get into architecture.


Cheers. :slight_smile:


Definitely! For the first half of the confinement I actually loved the challenge of trying to find interesting scenes around my neighbourhood during my dog walks, I always carried the Ricoh with me. I noticed stuff I hadn’t noticed in many years of walking the same paths!
It’s a tough challenge though, eventually I got bored with the same views and stopped photographing altogether.


That’s when I discovered my Egglestone moment. Everything is photographable off you’re bored enough. It’s a challenge to make the mundane interesting.

Like limiting yourself to 1 sample.

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I never got into developing film, it still sounds like black magic to me… but I just loaded a roll of Superia 400 on my Canon A1, it should last me through the summer. :sunglasses:

The prices on film cameras have seen quite a hike in the last few years, though… much like the classic synth market, some of them have reached absolutely ridiculous values. Same with vintage lenses, I bought the same lens with a 5 year interval and it cost me twice as much the second time around.

Damn, these are all super lovely. That Leica glass. insert chef’s kiss gif


My first job was working as a photography lab technician in 1980. I spent all day in a darkroom. I can still smell the fixative. Ive gone through every film camera from Hasselblads to Leicas to large format Horsemans and Mamiyas. Hers my Flickr stream. Ive made front page a few times which is no mean feat. Just click on the photo to go to the link.



Anyone else doing ir ? I used to enjoy film ir but have had a lot of fun with a converted dlsr…

I know you’re right and I love seeing those type of photos from others, but somehow when I do it they just look bland and pointless. Something hasn’t clicked here yet, maybe I’m just not bored enough! :smile:

Just saw your insta account… Your Fotos are great. I haveto follow your account.


This is a fun thread, nice seeing what people do with photography. I’d love to get a Fuji X100 sometime soon – lugging my massive Nikon around just doesn’t tend to happen enough! And I very much admire people who do film stuff, there are some lovely aesthetics to be had.

This is my little photography outlet on insta


Really lovely colors, good sir. :slight_smile:

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You and I have almost the exact same taste in camera gear :slight_smile:

I was really into unusual vintage lenses for awhile, to the point that I would take rangefinders apart and turn their lenses into tilt/shift ones (Lensbaby style) to use with micro 4/3 bodies. This was taken with such a lens:

Was big into the GR series also. Still keep the Olympus around for adapting stuff, but the X100F is my favorite.


Thank you! :pray: Colours are actually the main thing I worked on with my editing in the last year!

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Damn, such beauties!! :heart_eyes: Those Olympus look so cool, at a certain point I almost got one but decided to stick with Fuji.

I also love the 7artisans lens, they are the most quirky fun little lens I’ve ever used.

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It’s certainly the aspect I feel is trickiest in post; I’m not sure I’ll ever master it. Then again, tastes are obviously subject to change as well. :sweat_smile:

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These Olympus bodies are really cheap now, really no reason not to have one in your bag :slight_smile:
And some crazy good native lenses for the system, like the 45/1.8.

I got the 7Artisans lens on a whim… where else can you find a f/1.2 for $100? And it is technically flawed, but those are mainly chromic and mostly negated by shooting B&W. Plus it has tons of character…

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