[ PDF Tool ] Tuning Table for Analog Rytm


Changed the “vary-part”, lets spread.



None of the download links work? Is possible to get a copy


works fine (at least this one does)
look for grey download icon bottom right


Awesome, thanks.


Dropbox reset Public folder they no longer exist and files need to be share on an item basis now.


Many cheers for this dude! I was tuning toms, kick and a bass line last night by ear and started wondering if such a thing existed, thanks.


The most fun thing in this topic that all of people think it is normal for an instrument to be out of tune by default and use tricks to get proper tune. It is like buy a car where you can’t open doors. It is working, you can drive but you have to be tricky to go in and out. I found it sad.


Which analog drum machines are tuned to a perfect c in centre position? I’ve only used software and samplers for beats, so I don’t know if this is a standard?


BD Sharp tuned properly for example.
I was playing dsi Tempest and it seems good enough, but I didn’t able to use tuner that time, but looks tuned well.


Yeah I believe the new machines track but the old ones don’t but I have only messed about a little with this. This is not a huge important feature for me and I would never tune my drum kit to my guitar, so this is perfectly acceptable for me and my uses. Tuning by ear is also good practice, I think. Perhaps a tempest would be a better option for you.


Yes. But the user interface of Tempest is dreadful :smiley:
I have AR Mk2 and use it only as a sampler


Hah, well yeah most gear is a trade off of limitations unfortunately!


An absolutely fantastic resource! Any chance for an update with the DVCO?


Does this still apply to the RYTM MKII?


i’d expect so - it’s supposedly 100% the same electronically (except sampling in and CV control)


Engines released after the 1.30 update and a few of the older ones track tuning correctly over octaves…

I believe BD sharp, silky, plastic, and Cowbell, I assume DVCO but I haven’t upgraded… Maybe rimshot, I’ll check and edit this post about rimshot or if I missed some…


thats great, thanks


I see, thanks. Bit confusing to have different values for the tuning increments per instrument! I’d be a proponent of Elektron updating that, even if it means retuning all old kits…


good look on this ! thnx !!


Help me understand my synthesizer.
BDHD, in the “Tuning” section I set the note A (-2)
The peculiarity of the Analogue Rhythm not playing notes correctly.
The change of FRQ and resonance …, they have nothing to do with notes and do not change the root note !!!
FRQ- changes the depth of tone but not the root note.
RES- also does not affect the root note

how to use your table?