Overbridge Multi-Outs not working Logic 10.5 Update

Never upgrade immediately to a new software…


Seems to be working Ok here, I just tried opening a multi-out version of the OB plugin for my DT, worked Ok (also on Mojave, Logic 10.5). I didn’t get any warnings, and expanding the tracks in the mixer I can see the inputs coming in.

Interesting… Thanks for the reply, Simon. I’ll try a few more things and see if I can get it working now that I know it’s not a universal issue. By the way, what configuration of outputs are you selecting - mono, stereo etc.?

I think I had 10 x stereo selected before, but just tried 10 x mono, 5 x stereo 5 x mono, and 10 x stereo and they all seem to work fine. I haven’t actually tried routing the outputs to any busses and recording anything (I’m supposed to be working :slight_smile:), but I can see the VU meters all dancing in the mixer so seems to be good. I can also load a multi-output version of the A4 plugin, though I didn’t power on my A4 to check it worked.

Thought I would download 10.5 and try OB2.

Ive not done this since the first OB beta and I have forgotten how to setup the individual tracks properly. I have them all working with the audio tracks linked etc for the DIGITAKT. I have 10 tracks in the mixer etc - the first one appears to be the main out, followed by 8 of the individual tracks and then a 9th track (not sure what this one is?).

I thought there was a away to get rid of the main out track just leaving the individual ones? I mean I can mute it but I remember a few years back with the Rhythm I could just get the individual showing only.

Any advice much appreciated

There’s a few threads on setting up OB2 and Logic on here already. Here’s one where I shared my setup: Logic Pro X + Overbridge + Digi´s . The final track is for monitoring the audio inputs to the DT

I can’t get the analog rtym plugin to work at all in logic since the update, the analog four plugin works tho.

Very strange. Antonio, do you get a message about contacting the software vendor?

I generally keep the main outs in the DT to stream the effects channels. To do this, you need to go into the DT audio routing page and route only the effects channels to the mains.

Some strange results after trying a few things. The DT works in logic 10.5 but only as a stereo instance. The A4 does not load at all. I rescanned the AU plugin in the logic plugin manager and looked at the log file, where there was a warning that seems very relevant:

WARNING: Source AU supports multi-channel output but does not provide a channel layout

It seems like Logic is looking for the multi-output config but not receiving it from Overbridge. It seems like Apple may have changed something as well as I don’t remember being given all these options when opening overbridge - see attached image. Was this many options always the case?

Something seems screwy with your install- those options make no sense (25 x stereo wtf?). Maybe something got messed up with the update to 10.5. Have you tried uninstalling OB and reinstalling?

Edited to add a screenshot of my multi-out options for DT:

yes i get the same message, still no luck with analog rytm VST. I’ve uninstalled OB and reinstalled multiple times and the same message keeps appearing. analog four works fine. if I open Maschine daw OB vst works fine.

I have the same issue with a lot of multi-output plugs.

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Logic 10.5 broke A4i plugin here.

Not only that but it also breaks audio out using OB ie if I instantiate a4 plugin in logic (and get the “not loaded contact vendor” warning with an orange exclamation mark in the plugin slot) the audio out at the A4 stops until I reload it in Logic Audio preferences.

Edit: I should point out this occurs for stereo plugin as well.

The same happens if I’m not using A4 plugin in logic but rather load the standalone A4 app, audio through OB output is cut for BOTH A4 standalone and Logic.

Ahh well…I had it working for a day!

Seems to work fine in Reason and Reaper…

I have the same issue, the only plugin that is currently working for me is the Digitakt.

I’ve just done a fresh install of Catalina as well as all my other software and confirm that OB does not work with Analog Rytm. Brings up a “failed to upload Audio Unit” message. So, it’s not because of upgrading as this is a fresh install.

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Logic 10.5 also broke multi-output functionality in Expert Sleepers plugins. So it’s not just Overbridge:


Glad I held off on updating!

I have the same multi-out options with the Digitone.

Hi, for anyone with this problem: I found a quick fix. In your applications folder there’s a file called Logic Pro X.backup. That’s actually Logic Pro X 10.4.3. Run it, open the plugin manager, select Overbridge and run Reset & Rescan selection. Check if Overbridge runs in 10.4.3. When you open 10.5 after this Overbridge runs again with AR MKII, might work for others as well.

Logic 10.5, Mojave10.14.6

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Nice one @Mokosound, I’m away from the A4 for the next couple of weeks so can’t try that, but appreciate the tip.

Has anyone figured this out?

I get the same weird selection of outs as @zorgillion in Logic with my Digitakt… but only the Stereo out works. When I rescan in Plug-In Manager, I get:

WARNING: Source AU supports multi-channel output but does not provide a channel layout

Unfortunately I’m not finding a Logic application back-up file, per @Mokosound’s quick fix…


Digitakt 1.11, Overbridge 2.0, Catalina 10.15.2, Logic Pro X 10.5