Logic Pro X + Overbridge + Digi´s


Anyone using the digitone and/or digitakt in Logic pro X with overbridge?
Any links to set-up´s, videos or if you would like to share your best setup, please do!
I´m quite new to the whole thing, so don´t be afarid of over-explaining .
I think I read somewhere that overbridge is better suited to Abelton Live, if using it on Logic is more hassle that fun, then please let me know.


I do exclusively. I bought Logic after not being able to afford Ableton. But, I don’t think it’s that much more worse than ableton. Ableton might make it easier to configure the midi aspect of it all but it’s not hard to setup logic as people say it is. I’m not at my computer yet, but I’ll be able to walk you through once I get home. There’s one CRUCIAL thing that everyone overlooks when it comes to the logic set up. It regards the opening of separate tracks and how to get individual track recordings instead of just a Main L+R.

I would type it out but I think a screenshot would work better. Give me a sec!


Wow, really appreciate it!

been using Logic forever [since 2000 i believe].

works great with OB.

currently i have MOTU 8A/MOTU Ultralite linked, for sound card in an aggregate device with Digitakt, A4 MKI, Digitone, Rytm MKII, Expert Sleepers ES-8. all the Elektrons are running with OB which freed up ALL KINDS on in/outs on my sound cards so i can route to external FX. And use Reaktor Blocks for utilities to modular.

everything werks perfectly in harmony.

i have Elektron modulating modular, modular going into Elektrons. Logic’s Environment is KEY for routing and filtering of MIDI. took quiet a time to get to a point where i got it all werking well. but…it werks REALLY WELL!

love Logic.


I’ll be interested in seeing the screen capture, too. I’m new to the Digitakt and to Elektron, but I have definitely struggled to even record using Overbridge into Logic.

I must connect my DT to my audio interface to record, even though I can hear my DT and see movement in the EQ when it is only connected via USB, it will not record.

What I had believed I’d be able to do with Overbridge and the DT was have separate Logic tracks for each pad which would allow me to record them independently in Logic (which will be amazing if true), but I don’t see how to do that intuitively yet either.

I’ve updated the system USB configs to Overbridge, and I’ve followed the Overbridge manual, and I’m on the most recent versions of the DT OS and Overbridge. I just think I’m missing a step if other can totally do this.

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You need your DT and your sound card setup as an aggregate device…

If you open the Audio MIDI Setup you will see, when in OB mode, which inputs are assigned to your DT. [expand image for better look]

So lets say your DT’s INs into Logic show up as 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18. 9-10 = main outs. Track 1 will be 11, track 2 is 12…etc.

Then go into global settings, go to routing and press track 1 trig, itll go from green to red. Meaning its no longer going out main to its own out.

Then in Logic make a new audio track that matches track 1 output. In this case it would be in 11 in Logic.

You now have track one going to its own input in Logic.


You don’t need to create an aggregate device to work with Logic, although I guess that way might a bit simpler as you’d have access to the Overbridge channels in exactly the same way as those from your soundcard. The way I do it is to add a new track in Logic with Overbridge plugin; select the configuration you want to add while adding (for the Digitakt, I use Multi-output, 1 x stereo and 9 x mono). This brings in the main audio output. Then open the mixer (press X).

See that little + icon over the solo button? Keep clicking that until all of the Digitakt channels appear as Aux channels the mixer.

You can then send the output of these aux tracks to individual busses, and then set up audio tracks to capture the audio on each bus coming out of each track, apply FX, EQ etc (this may be an overly complex way of doing it, but it work for me)

To capture the FX track in stereo, you can change the voice routing so that only the FX track is going to the main outs.



Thanks for sharing, this is a BIG help. Looking forward to trying this out later today!

Oh no you dont if youre just using the DT…of course

You still do the audio routing in Global settings tho.

I just figured most people are using a sound card.

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You can still use a sound card while using the plugin. You don’t need to create an aggregate device.

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I like my way better :slight_smile:

I can lock sync with drift correction in the aggregate. Everything is locked TITE.

E V E R Y T H I N G !


Ha, fair enough.


sadly I have to re-neg on my last post. for some reason…all the OB devices in OB mode are lagging behind tempo in logic by about a 1/16 :frowning:

starting to give up. I spend more time trying to get shit to just sync and werk…than working on tunes. not that id be making anything good…but still. its hard to focus when shits all meandering all over the place



FIXED. I just can’t use the OB plugs. but am using USB for audio and sync and separate tracks.


@spikysimon @phaelam Im having an issue getting my digitone and A4 mk2 to work…well…im not, but when i set up the instrument track in logic and open mixer, I don’t have the little ± icons on the Instrument track… I’m sure this is a simple thing, but what am i doing wrong? driving me crackers

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where do I configure that?

what I want to do is set up exactly as @spikysimon describes above… and record the individual outs, but as I say, no plus or minus on the track. it’s very annoying!

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Just couldn’t see the above in the manual, despite best efforts! what a plum. thanks - that’s embarrassingly enough, sorted me out.