Overbridge much too quiet?


can anyone tell me why my recordings via Overbridge in Ableton Live are way too quiet?
I really do not know how to continue, have already tried everything. Thank you


I also noticed that my Analog Rytm MKII is too quiet when using Overbridge 2 and Live 10.
My solution so far has been to boost the gain using the Utility device:


I think it’s been mentioned on here that that is by design - so that there is enough headroom for you to turn up every track, put overdrive to 100%, bitreduce everything and compress it without overloading the master…


yes I’ve heard that, but the volume is really too many times too low. I can not use Overbridge like that.


Thanks, i will try it


Do you mean when monitoring back on the DT? You can boost the return signal to the DT in System -> USB Config -> USB To Main (DB). It defaults to 0, but you can set it up to +18 (if I remember correctly)…for me that gets the return signal from Ableton at about where it normally is when I’m not using OB.


i know, thnaks. but that did not help.


I would open a ticket with Elektron then…sounds like it may be a problem with your machine. I have been monitoring back through my DT from Ableton and it sounds fine, plenty of loudness.


Each track is supposed to come in at -12db.


If they come in at around -12db then that is normall.
It’s a good idea to produce in such a way that your tracks in Ableton don’t go over -12db anyway so you get more headroom at the master output. There is no reason really to produce at louder levels :slight_smile:

I use utility plugins a lot for this. For example I will boost a signal by 12db to go loudly through an overdrive and then use another utility after that to lower the volume until it hits -12db again. This type of gain staging is good practice.