Overbridge & Logic 10.6

Can anyone tell me what this means? Is this a workaround? How so?

Did you do anything special to make this work?

not really, I’m not using OB to stream audio though.

Yea, it reads as though the devices’ USB AUDIO is capable of streaming multitracks without the use of OB, but that’s not the case. They can be used as a core audio device, but only with stereo streaming over USB. So unless they’re defining L/R as “multitrack”, it’s quite a misleading statement, imo. Maybe they’re referring to multitrack hardware inputs in the Analog devices…?

Well L/R would be better than nothing I guess… what do I do to make it work? I have no other options in logic’s audio pref… just the one instance of the AR and when its selected I’m getting all channels and terrible noise.

Im not blaming elektron here, imo its seems apples fault: change something, making others people code unusable & providing nor fix or even a timetable for fixes.

Was in their support-chats weeks ago, asking for download-link to non-affected logic version. All they say was: we dont provide older versions. In other words: f**k off. And thats for a paid software for more than 200$.

could you possibly help me figure how to do this? Even L/R would be great to be able to keep working. as of now, I don’t have any other options for the AR in logic’s audio pref… only AR core audio which is giving me all of the outputs and the audio is totally fucked.

Have you tried the latest beta of Overbridge released yesterday?

Ive been trying to find where to download it

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hm, not sure what to do… Im a little concerned this will not work since Im on Catalina and then core audio won’t be an option…

Overbridge for macOS Big Sur is not working in Logic 10.6.1

Mate, you’ve tested that?

I have a fix which is working for me. hope it works for others I have a fix for the logic 10.6 - Catalina - Overbridge bug... works for me anyway

Didnt work for me. ;(
Would love to see Elektron fix this on their own, without waiting for Apple which can take ages.

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Drat! Here I am waiting for Overbridge to be Big Sur compatible, and finally, we get an update. Oops, now it’s not Logic compatible. So there they (DT, DN) sit on the shelf unplugged since they only have stereo out. I haven’t had a lot of luck with Overbridge anyhow, always something. So maybe time to move on. The DT I can do without, not the DN.

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10.6.2 seems to fix it. Haven’t tried it:

  • Performance is improved when streaming audio to Elektron hardware using the Elektron Overbridge plug-in.emphasized text

Please can someone from Elektron confirm that 10.6.2 fixes this issue? I would like to upgrade from 10.5 as soon as possible.

I’ve updated Logic to 10.6.2 but OB is still broken. The start/stop and tempo sync seems broken too. Maybe am I missing something…