I have a fix for the logic 10.6 - Catalina - Overbridge bug... works for me anyway

Curious if this works for other people.

Since the logic 10.6 update, those of us on Catalina have been unable to use our gear via Overbridge. In trying to get my RYTM to work via Core Audio over usb (still won’t) I discovered that I can get it to work with full multi track streaming by doing the following:

Open a new project. Create a new audio track with inputs 1-2 (idk if this is crucial but its what’s been working for me)… then set Analog Rytm to- USB Audio/ Midi- in System menu. chose yes when Logic asks if you want to use it as Core Audio. Then Select my interface for the output. Open your logic multitrack out put template for the AR. Then on AR, switch from Usb audio midi TO -Overbridge. Accept the prompt from logic to use it. reselect your interface as the output.

I have noticed this only works if I open a fresh logic session. If its been running and then I try this it doesn’t work.

This has been working for me every time for a week now. seems stable. pls post your experience.