OT use without sequencer


Was wondering if continuous playback of a sample separate from the trigs. Or if anything can be done with the OT with out running the sequencer.


yes - easily, extra flexibility with the plays free options and then add in live recording to that picture too and neighbour tracks - the OT can run huge files from the CF card too without engaging the transport - just give it a go


Phasing ala Reich, Riley, Glass


OT can do loads of stuff without the sequencer going, entire sets worth and beyond the scope of typing up, just like the amount of stuff it can do with the sequencer going… :slight_smile:


Hah! Been playing with the OT for 2 months now, and I believe I set less than 10 trigs grand total :slight_smile:

BTW the trig mode = slots is interesting too.


Am I mistaking or does trigmode ‘slots’ not include the recording buffers?


Not with OT but I don’t think it does…
You can load them all to tracks and use tracks mode…
Check this far out config:
-Cascading playable fun


Thanks guys. Lots to digest here. “Plays free?” Don’t even know what that is.


That’s a mode where you disconnect the track from the sequencer. You set it in the pattern settings (func+pattern). There are quite some options in this mode, like quantized play and stop, it’s on page 74 of the manual. It’s an important function (at least IMO). Very appropiate for what you’re trying to do.