Cascading playable fun

Another possibility from the infinite depths of the great machine. ‘Dynamic Performance Sampler’ indeed.

Something plugged into inputs AB.

T1 - Pickup machine, One2, source AB
T2 to T8 - Flex, own Record Buffer assigned, Plays Free, Hold, 1/16. Source T1, Rec Trigger on Step1. Loop on, Amp envelope set to fade out, with some release.

T2-T8 has Rate and Pitch variations, so some at 48, 32, 16 (don’t reverse though). LoFi, Dark Reverb, Delay.

On T1, Hit AB to start the Pickup Machine sampling. Hit CD to stop. (This track can be muted to only hear the other tracks as you trig them).

Now, in Tracks mode :

Trigs 2-8 will sample from the Pickup Machine when pressed. Hold won’t affect RLEN though ?

Trigs 10-16 will trig the captured samples. Hold down for longer, expressive phrases, or tap for shorter stabs (modify Amp Envelopes).

Expressive way of playing captured loops.

Bonus: Assign a scene to Sample Start for T2-8, Amp envelope, Delay/Reverb/LoFi amount, and sweep across as you play.


Damn, thank you, had no idea that you could record via the trigs. Going to try this later.

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Yeah, it’s a subtle thing. The “plays free” functionality here is just enabling the record trigger, to initiate sampling.

Ahh I get it. It’s the mode where the first 8 trigs trigger tracks, and the last 8 trigger machines (so bypassing the rec trig)?

Yeah - “Tracks” mode. The first 8 trigger the “Plays Free” tracks. The last 8 trig the machines assigned to each track (so in this case, the Record Buffers)

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Thanks for your contribution! Look forward to checking this out and other variations of it, never considered recording with plays free tracks, :elot:ness expanded once again! :ecstatic:

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Yep. And if you add random arp midi loop back control of plays free tracks and sample tracks you go crazy. :loopy:


Whoa, that might open a sonic portal… :rocket::monkey_face:

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Trying this out - I can’t manage to get it to sample only when the track trig is held down. No matter what, it records based on RLEN. Can you describe your recorder and track settings a little more? I feel like I’ve explored all possible track and recorder modes but to no avail

Recording while holding would be cool but AFAIK Rec Trigs don’t respect One 2 and Hold settings.

I wonder if REC SETUP2 QRec and QPlay settings are respected if you set them to PLEN, and use Plays Free + Rec Trigs…

Oh man !

Good point. Yes, on second thought I think you’re right - this would always record to RLEN wouldn’t it ? So No real difference with Hold/One2 there. My perception of that was likely distorted by what I heard as I played the trigs.

Of course, where it starts recording is relevant, as the 1/16 quantised setting allows for that.

I guess we could set playback trigs on the plays free tracks, and use hold in that manner. Gives you another option of playback…

Yeah, I think I mistook this with what I was hearing - see answer below. I think it will always record RLEN.

At one point I think I added playback trigs, so was using the Plays Free / Hold settings to enable those.

So yeah, no RLEN Hold magic sadly.

Thanks guys - edited the Hold / RLEN part


Even if it’s locked to RLEN it’s still fun, and you’re still able to manually control recording time by hitting AB for each track.

Nice bag of tricks, thanks for sharing!


I can’t wait till I have time with OT to experiment with this stuff but I’m not there yet…
Here’s from manual about hold and recorder trigs:


Really been having fun with this setup, thanks again for the idea!


This kind of stuff proves that the OT is still the king of sampling

kudos and thanks for the share


hold issue apart you could also use one-shot rec triggers instead of plays free tracks, couldn’t you?

Yeah one shots too!