OT TRig Conditions (TRC) thread


I think he’s talking about DT.
Maybe that will be in an update… :sketchy:
I use midi processors to map notes or CCs to Prog Changes.


That’s what I thought too…


Only one program change allowed per part on the Octatrack unfortunately, the Mnm and DT are the only machines that can do pg ch per step.


I’ll just flag for this awesome video. :smile_cat:

Some talk. Not too much. Just about right.


One trig makes you small, and one trig makes you tall…


MD as well, yes?


With the MD, you need to use a ctrl8 machine and use that to control a midi machine in order to send program changes per step. But, it’s doable. You might be able to p-lock program change, but it doesn’t work smoothly like with a ctrl8.


ahem, this is going off-topic !


And then of course coupling it with the stupid powerful arranger.

@Simon @Dataline will the arranger be able to automate fills, by any chance?




Looking at the MKII manual, it seems like conditional record trigs aren’t a thing.

a set of conditional rules can be applied to sample/note trigs, lock trigs, trigless trigs, and one shot trigs, using a parameter lock.

Anyone lucky enough to have a MKII already able to confirm/deny?


Already confirmed by @cuckoomusic, no TRC for rec trigs.


Probably a good design choice. I could see TRC getting really messy and confusing for rec trigs.


I’d really love Trc rec trigs, especially if One 2 mode would work with them…:sketchy:
Ot can be messy and confusing anyway. :wink:


Yeah, I make confusing, messy music so it would be OK with me.

After work I’ll check the MIDI implementation and see if/how one shot trigs can be armed via MIDI, because if there’s a CC for it then a combination of one-shot record trigs and conditional MIDI trigs with MIDI loopback could do it.


There’s a bunch ways do do it with loopback…
With midi you can arm recorder one-shots, your can trig recorders and Pickups with notes, and there’s a cc you can use for the note actions…


I’m going to submit a feature request for it…
I’ll suggest making it an option in the personalize menu that you have to activate, that way it won’t mess with beginners mindz…


Many options concerned ! There should be a “Digitakt” mode, without sub menus. :grin:

No problem with midi. Different settings possible.
Examples :
In rec Hold mode > rec time depends on note length. You can randomize it, and add TRC for rec start.
In rec One 2 mode, you need 2 notes. TRC can randomize rec time, and start.
In rec One, TRC can randomize rec time and start.


Heya! First post here, just got the Octatrack mk2 and i love it :slight_smile:

However one thing i havn’t found (and want to do) is something like a “conditional parameter lock”. Lemme explain.

I figured out how to do conditional trigs, but i also want to be able to impact different parameters under conditions. For example, say that i have a 16/16 loop going, and i strike a chord on the first note. I want the chord to be transposed -2 on every fourth time, 4:4. Is that possible? Or can it be done in another way, like an LFO on pitch?

Lemme know if i’m bad at explaining and i’ll try again :slight_smile:


no its not. A good few users have suggested it as the next step in trig conditions future. It would be amazing.