OT TRig Conditions (TRC) thread


Make a trigless lock with Function + Trig, then apply your trig condition as normal.


Not sure a noob like me understands :frowning:


Oh ok. Can it be done in some other way? Except making a 64/64 pattern.


you can for example do a 64 step pattern, then to extend it even more, if you have an empty trig either side of one of your trigs you would like to change…
make the original trig “condition 1:2 (or 1:3, 1:4 etc)”, then copy that trig n paste it to the adjacent free trig space. change the note / chord, change its trig condition to 2:2 etc, and then shift its microtiming over fully so it hits on the other 1:2 trigs place.
the first trig will play the first time, the copied trig will play the 2nd time round. etc.


Ah cool, so i can make the 2/16-trig hit replace the 1/16 with micro timing?


yep, microtiming + trig conditions :+1:


Trying to get this to work and I don’t quite get it. I have a kick on the 4’s. I have some bit reduction on the kick on the 13. I want to apply a condition where the kick always sounds, but only sometimes with the bit reduction. I’ve gone in to the trig condition menu and selected 2:3 and the bit reduction occurs once every 3 bars, but the issue is the kick is silent unless it’s the 3rd. Unless I’m misunderstanding how this works. I want the kick to play through, but the Bit Red to be random.


I’ll have a go but I’m just learning so take with pinch of snuff. The placement of kick is in PATTERN which has cond trig. Bit reduction is in PARTS which doesn’t have cond trig. Could be wrong, I could be right, to quote cyndi lauper.


You are misunderstanding how it works.

The condition is of the trig, not of the parameter.
TRC is the act of telling the note in the sequencer itself to either trigger or not.


There is a workaround for what you are after.

On the step your wanting ocassional bit reduction have a trig with bit reduction locked, set your condition. On the next sequencer step place a regular trig with no bit reduction lock, microtime it as far back as it will go, and place a not-pre(pre with a line over it) condition on it.

The trig with bit reduction will play according to your condition. The trig with the not-pre condition will play everytime the other one doesn’t. Since they are microtimed so close together it will seem like the same step.


I think you can combine Trc and Lfo on pitch for that purpose.


That’s not what conditional trigs are for. (I thought we went over this :wink: )

How would the DT know what locked parameters you’d want to be conditional?


I don’t have a mark 2 but maybe you could midi loop back and set a midi conditional trig that sends CC to bit reduction on the kick track, bit long winded though


Yeah - there are several hacks and tricks that will possibly get the result one is after.

But I just wanted to point out that @Jameshenry has probably not grasped the foundations of conditional trigs yet. Which is not strange at all. The function he’s looking for would be awesome.


Why isn’t it released ?


Surely because it’s not ready yet.
Patience, dear.
Last time I checked they seemed pretty busy :slight_smile:


I am sure that they are :slight_smile:
I was asking myself about the “are they nanlow working on” or “is it just teasing or timing”

Thanks anyway to wait with me :wink:


Yeah, that’s why I thought everyone was all excited. I have messed around with the conditional trigs. I just figured it was for conditional parameters as well. Maybe in MKIII. Also, I wish there was more vids on this. Maybe there is, but I didn’t come up with much. I read the manual but I’m more of a tactile person. Would be nice to see all the capabilities in a detailed video.


@Jameshenry @CarlMikaelBjork , if only someone around here made well-produced, thoughtful, instructional videos with Elektron gear.



Well, most of the videos I see are on the MK1, not the two. I know a lot of it is the same, but as a noob, with ZERO elektron experience, it would be nice to see some videos on the MKII specifically. I’m watching the ASK video series on it. I know Cuckoo has videos, but I prefer a different approach than his.

I’ve watches some of Carls videos. Still trying to figure out his polyrhythm video, but that’s for smart people. I’m a dumb as a door nail. What I mean is a well organized series on the MKII. I’m a noob, I like stuff in order of complexity. With youtube, it’s a crapshoot what you are going to get.